Energy Plans for Every Household

When it comes to pricing plans, you have options. Choose a plan to fit your household and lifestyle. Visit My Account to view your current and available plans.

Energy Plans

Choice and Control
Choice and Control

Energy plans that fit your household as well as your lifestyle.

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Net Energy Metering
Net Energy Metering (NEM)

Earn credit for the extra energy generated by your renewable energy system.

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Net Energy Metering
Electric Vehicle (EV) Plans

Plans for EV drivers that can benefit your whole household.

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Customize Your Plan and Maximize Your Savings

Power Saver Rewards

Help make our energy grid stronger and more reliable by lowering your energy use when energy is most in demand — and get paid for it too.

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Level Pay

​To help make your bills a little more predictable, Level Pay automatically averages your energy bill every three months so you can budget more easily.

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Energy-Saving Tips

Small but simple steps can help you save energy, resulting in a lower bill. Take advantage of these tips to save energy in your home every day.  

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