Designer Qualifications and Resources 

The Designer Qualification Program for Applicant Design and Contract Design (ADCD) pre-qualifies non-SDG&E designers to perform SDG&E gas and/or electric design. The program also provides no-cost access to SDG&E design tools and systems. 


Applicant Design (AD)

 Applicants may select a pre-qualified design contractor to perform distribution line extensions in accordance with the utility's design and construction standards as specified under Rule 15 Gas and Electric Tariffs. 


Contract Design (CD)

The utility may choose to hire an external contract firm who has pre-qualified designers to perform gas and electric design normally performed by the utility.  The contracted firm may also subcontract with firms having pre-qualified designers. 

Interested applicants may enroll in one or more of the four design disciplines:

  • Overhead Electric
  • Underground Electric
  • Gas
  • Transformer Vault 

How to Become a Qualified Designer (AD & CD) 

  • Enroll in the Designer Qualification Program  via the guest/internal site processes detailed below in the FAQ
  • Schedule to take the exams in the four design disciplines
  • Pass the entrance exam and obtain access to SDG&E design systems  
  • You will then be authorized to perform SDG&E design 
  • Once you meet the minimum approved design hour requirements, you will become a Qualified Designer 


Firms interested in Contract Design Work with SDG&E 

To be eligible for contract design work with SDG&E, your firm must: 

  • Be a signatory to a design contract with SDG&E  
  • Have at least one qualified designer or enrollee on staff 

Please note: SDG&E issued a solicitation for design services and selected a pool of contractors in 2018. A new RFP is not anticipated until 2021. At that time, SDG&E will consider soliciting new firms.  


Looking for a Qualified Applicant Designer? 

View the Qualified Applicant Designer List

Frequently Asked Questions


Follow the steps below or view a pdf which includes screenshots of each step in the process. 

Registering as a Guest*

* You are considered a guest if you do not have an active SDG&E contractor email ([email protected] or [email protected]).

  •  Once completed and submitted, an e-mail will be sent to the personal registered email ID. Login to the account and check the inbox. Click on the link mentioned in the email.  *Please be sure to check the spam/junk folder if you have not received the email.
  • After clicking on the "Guest Designer Visitor site" link, you will be taken to the following Microsoft account page. Click on create a Microsoft account if you do not have a Hotmail, MSN, Gmail or Yahoo account. *Please note that some organizational email accounts have security settings that will prevent the site from working correctly.
  • A verification code will be sent to the registered email address. Verify email, and you will be brought to the ADCD Guest Site where you can register for an exam by clicking on the “Schedule Exam” tile.

Registering for an Exam - Internal

  • A page will appear to request access to the site.
  • A representative from SDG&E will review your request for approval.
  • If approved, an email will be sent to SDG&E contractor email account with a link to site.
  • Proceed to site using SDG&E contractor login credentials to access.
  • Once completed, you will have access to the Internal ADCD Site for exam registration.

Exams take place at Century Park building 2. If you do not have badge access, please check in with security in building 6 on testing days.

Hours accumulate by submitting Applicant Design and Contract Design work. Once approved and graded by an SDG&E design reviewer, the recorded hours may be added to the qualifying designer’s profile.

See the Fact Sheet at the bottom of the page for details.

Yes, you must have passed at least one exam to preform SDG&E design work.

Fact Sheet 

If you are interested in learning more about the Designer Qualification Program, please review the fact sheet