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A few simple changes here and there can make a dramatic difference on your monthly energy bill. Take our survey to help you identify key ways energy inefficiencies in your home could be costing you money, and then learn how you can fix them. 

You’ll be asked to provide a few details about your home, appliances, and energy use. We’ll build you an action plan with energy-saving actions that are suitable for you and your home. 

To take the survey:
  • Click on the Take the survey button.
  • When the My Account sign in page appears, use your My Account user ID and password to sign in. 
  • Hover your cursor over the  Ways to Save link at the upper right portion of the page.
  • When the blue dropdown menu appears, click on the Home Energy Analysis link in the menu. 

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See How You Can Save

These videos provide you money-saving tips for every room of your house, and outdoors, too.