Energy Efficiency Programs:
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Energy Efficiency Programs

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We offer a variety of programs to help businesses save energy and money. These programs assist customers with no-cost energy audits, along with incentives and rebates for energy-efficient upgrades. Program eligibility is based on business size and type. Most of our energy-efficiency programs are implemented by authorized third-party contractors. Contact them today to start saving! 


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Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions (CEMS)

Offers large commercial customers (> 20 kW) incentives for upgrading  equipment or  systems such as lighting, HVAC and more.   TRC Companies 

Small Business Saver Program (SBS)

Offers small business customers (demand < 20kW) outreach, comprehensive site assessments, direct installation services, program referrals and cross-promotion. Eligibility is limited to customers who are in Disadvantaged Communities (DAC) and/or Hard-To-Reach (HTR) areas within in SDG&E’s service territory.

Resource Innovations

Summer Reliability Market Access Program (SRMAP)  Through a variety of projects and equipment, the Summer Reliability Market Access Program helps commercial customers reduce their electric use and save on their energy bill. SDG&E


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SMART Industrials 

Industrial businesses including Manufacturers, Construction, Mining, Waste Management and more can reduce their energy costs by improving operations and maintenance practices with equipment upgrades.  Cascade Energy


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Helps farms and agricultural businesses identify energy efficiency opportunities, quantify savings and costs, and access rebates and incentives for equipment upgrades.   Cascade Energy  


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Business Energy Solutions (BES) Offers no-cost energy audits to qualified public K-12 schools and identifies ways to save money on utility bills through energy-efficient upgrades.  Potential upgrades include tank and pipe insulation, faucet aerators, and heat pump water heaters. Synergy Companies

Climate Action Plan for Zero Net Energy (CAP4ZNE) 

Provides energy efficiency incentives for local government customers such as Courthouses, Police, Fire, County Hospitals, and other entities.  Okapi Architecture  
SD EnergyLink  Offered to Military Facilities, Federal Government Facilities, Tribal Nations and more, the program offers cash incentives to install new, energy-efficient technology, equipment or systems.     TRC Companies


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California Energy Design Assistance (CEDA)


Serving new-build customers in the Commercial, Public, High-rise multifamily, Industrial and Agricultural sectors, CEDA offers no-cost energy design assistance to enable decarbonization of new construction and major renovation.

Wildan Energy Solutions

California Foodservice Instant Rebates - Header 

Offers Instant Rebates to restaurants that purchase qualifying high-efficiency natural gas or electric commercial foodservice equipment from participating dealers.   Energy Solutions 

Comfortably CA

Offers resources and incentives to distributors, manufacturers and retailers for selling high-efficiency HVAC equipment for homes and commercial buildings. Contractors and technicians can also receive no-cost training.  CLEAResult
Higher Education Efficiency Performance (HEEP) Helps higher education facilities lower their energy bills and become more energy efficient. A designated account manager provides personalized, no-cost support, resources, and recommendations.   CLEAResult
State of California Energy Strategy and Support (SOC ESS) Helps California state-owned buildings implement energy savings projects. The program implementer, AESC, supports state agencies in four areas: financial, policy, technical, and trade professional management.  SOC ESS
Statewide Midstream Water Heating Allows business owners and building managers to purchase high-efficiency commercial water heating products at reduced prices and helps contractors build lower-cost equipment into their bids.   DNV Energy Services
Water Infrastructure and System Efficiency Provides Energy Efficiency solutions to water production, distribution, and treatment systems, as well as oil field clear water pumping systems. SW WISE trains and equips trade allies to recommend more efficient processes and technologies. Lincus Energy