Community Resource Centers

Community Resource Centers (CRCs) provide support to customers who are affected by PSPS.

There are currently no CRCs open.   



CRC Locations

Finding a CRC location is easy.  During an event, you can go to this page or to learn which CRCs are open. 

There are currently no CRCs open.   

Community Resource Center

Facility Name


Descanso Community Resource Center

Descanso County Library

9545 River Drive
Descanso, 91916

Lake Morena Community Resource Center

Lake Morena Community Church

29765 Oak Drive
Campo, 91906

Pine Valley Community Resource Center

Pine Valley Improvement Club

28890 Old Hwy 80
Pine Valley, 91962

Julian Community Resource Center

Whispering Winds Catholic Camp

17606 Harrison Park Road
Julian, 92036

Jacumba Community Resource Center

Jacumba Highlands Community Center

44645 Old Highway 80
Jacumba, 91934

Dulzura Community Resource Center

Dulzura Community Development Center

1136 Community Building Road
Dulzura, 91917

Warner Springs Community Resource Center

Warner Springs Community Resource Center

30950 Highway 79
Warner Springs, 92086

Potrero Community Resource Center

Potrero Community Center

24550 Highway 94
Potrero, 91963

Valley Center Community Resource Center

Valley Center Branch Library

29200 Cole Grade Rd,
Valley Center, CA 92082

Ramona Community Resource Center 

Ramona Branch Library

1275 Main Street,
Ramona, CA 92065

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Community Resource Centers offer:

  • Water
  • Wi-Fi
  • Medical Device Charging
  • Snacks
  • Phone charging
  • Ice
  • Car power-inverter

  • Small solar-powered batteries and radios

  • Water trucks for livestock (residents should bring their own vessel for transporting water)
  • Up-to-date information on outages

Your safety is our first concern

During these uncertain times, we’ve made arrangements at our Community Resource Centers to help protect the health of our employees and customers. The safety of the public remains our core priority. As such, and in accordance with CDC guidelines, we’ll be enforcing:

  • Drive through configurations at our Centers which will include contactless “care packages” (these now include the addition of a small scale cellular charging bank and 12V AC power inverter for device charging)
  • We strongly encourage all individuals to wear a mask while at a CRC.
  • Strict social distancing
  • Routine deep cleaning of all touched surfaces
  • Outage updates will be posted on large informational boards, clearly visible while safely parked in the drive-through line