Level Pay Program

Get a More Predictable Bill Each Month

To help make your bills a little more predictable, we have a solution for the highs and lows of seasonal energy bills. Level Pay automatically averages your energy bill every three months so you can budget more easily.

Here's How It Works

Level Pay starts with the average dollar amount on your last twelve energy bills. You’ll be billed this same amount for the first three months, even if your energy use varies. After that, your payment amount is adjusted once every three months, based upon your actual energy use.

On each monthly bill, we’ll also show you how much energy you actually used, as well as the cost.

Enrolling is Easy

Signing up for Level Pay is simple.  Enroll online  or call 1-800-411-7343 for additional information.

Net Energy Metering customers are not eligible for this program, per the details of their pricing plans.

Customers starting new service must have at least one month of usage data to calculate estimated quarterly payments. Customers with at least three months of usage data can expect more precise quarterly payment estimates.

Customers Receiving Service from Other Service Providers

If you receive service from a service provider other than SDG&E, for example a Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) or Electric Service Provider (ESP), any charges provided by your CCA or ESP will not be included in your Level Pay amount.  Your service provider charges are due in full each month in addition to your monthly SDG&E level pay amount.

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Level Pay Brochure to Download
Level Pay Brochure to Download