Save With Our Medical Baseline Allowance Program

To help our customers who have to use certain medical devices, space heaters, air conditioners, or other energy-intensive devices to manage or maintain their health, we created a special program to help them save. So far, we’ve enrolled more than 38,000 members ranging from newborns to senior citizens.

To be placed on this program, you must return a completed application certified by your physician (MD or DO only) or fill out the renewal application if you're already on Medical Baseline.  We cannot accept applications from Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners. 

If you meet the eligibility requirements detailed below, we encourage you to apply, regardless of your monthly income. 

Working with your physician (MD or DO), you can complete an application to start or renew your service. 

Qualifying Medical Conditions Qualifying Medical Devices Devices that DO NOT Qualify
Compromised immune systemor life-threatening illness Aerosol Tents Heating pads
Hemiplegia Air Mattress/Hospital Beds Humidifiers
Multiple Sclerosis Apnea Monitors Pool or tank heaters
Paraplegia Breather Machines (IPPB) Saunas or hot tubs
Quadriplegia Compressors/Concentrators Vaporizers
Scleroderma Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Whirlpool pumps
  Dialysis Machines  
  Electrostatic Nebulizers  
  Electric Nerve Stimulators  
  Hemodialysis Machines  
  Infusion Pumps  
  Inhalation Pulmonary Pressure  
  Iron Lungs  
  Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAD)  
  Lympha Press Devices  
  Motorized Wheelchairs  
  Oxygen Generators  
  Pacemaker Monitor/Defibrillator  
  Pressure Pads  
  Pressure Pumps  
  Pulse Oximeters/Monitors (must be used with other medical devices, cannot be powered by battery)  
  Respirators (all types)  
  Suction Machines  
  Total Artificial Heart (TAH-t)  
  Ultrasonic Nebulizers  
  The Vest/Airway Clearance System  

The qualifying person must live at the address provided on the application, where the allowance will be given. The qualifying person's name does not need to be on the bill, but the person listed on the bill must sign the application.

Medical Devices/Equipment

  • Equipment is for home-use only.

  • Equipment must have a medical purpose in itself to qualify. For example, refrigerators used to keep insulin cold do not qualify.


The qualifying person will be asked to renew and update their application:

If the doctor certifies the medical condition is permanent, we'll require completion of a form self-certifying their continued eligibility for the Medical Baseline Allowance every two years. 

If the doctor certifies the medical condition is not permanent, we'll require completion of a form self-certifying their continued eligibility for the Medical Baseline Allowance each year and completion of a new application with a doctor's certification every two years. 

The qualifying person may be asked to renew and update their application even if the doctor has certified the condition as permanent.  When we do this, we’ll mail a renewal notice.

If you’re enrolled in the program and you move, your allowance does not automatically transfer so you’ll need to contact us.

Withdrawing from the program

If the medical equipment is no longer needed, or if the person using it no longer lives at the address where the allowance is given, contact us:

While we do our best to avoid outages, we cannot guarantee that the power will always be on.  We recommend that those who require life support equipment make arrangements for a backup power supply.

Your application will be processed within 30 days of the date it is received. Please keep a copy for your records. 

The application is also available in other languages: