Winter Savings Tips for Your Business

Natural gas prices are historically high nationwide and may lead to higher-than-expected winter bills. We’re here for you with energy-saving programs and tips to help keep your business’s energy costs low — and that makes all the difference for your bottom line.

Winter Savings for Business

Know the Details of Your Pricing Plan

Your pricing plan impacts your bottom line. As summer temperatures rise, review your business' pricing plan to learn when to conserve energy. If your plan includes event days, prepare for on-peak and event-day hours (4 - 9 p.m.) to reduce your energy use when an activation is called.

Review Your Plan

Business Programs

Programs to Help You Save
Savings Programs Tailored to Your Business

 We offer a variety of programs to help your business save energy and money. Choose the option that best describes your business. 

Learn more about savings programs

Demand Response Programs
Demand Response Programs to Help You Save

If your business can conserve energy when demand is highest, we have a program for you.

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Resources For Builders
Resources for Builders, Developers and Contractors

Find resources and self-service tools for more efficient project application and management.

View resources for project application and management

Explore Electric Vehicles for Your Business

Power Your Drive for Fleets

Save money, eliminate tailpipe emissions, and simplify maintenance by transitioning to an electric fleet.

Learn more about Power Your Drive

Go Green Financing

GoGreen Financing

An official State of California initiative, GoGreen Financing provides easy access to private financing with exceptional terms and qualified professional contractor services.

Learn more about GoGreen Financing

No Cost Energy Education Classes

No-Cost Energy Education Classes

Whether you’re a skilled tradesperson or sales professional looking for the latest industry updates, enroll in training classes that help you provide added value to your customers. 

Learn more about energy education classes 

Tools to Help You Save Energy 

Sign into My Account to review various tools in the Notifications and Alerts section to help your business conserve energy and save money. 

View My Energy Charts

Take advantage of easy-to-use features that help your small- or medium-size business monitor your energy use.  

Manage Bill Alerts

Sign up for email or text notifications to track your energy use and costs, set a dollar threshold and payment reminders, and more.

Energy-Saving Tips for Your Business


Adjust Your Thermostat

When you’re in the office, set your thermostat as low as is comfortable. At night or when you’re out, turn your thermostat back down 10-15 degrees to save about 10% per year.

Shop and save

Upgrade Your Lighting

Using LED lighting could help your business save year-round, especially if you’re decorating the office for the holidays. Occupancy sensors can also help you optimize your energy use in areas without much traffic.

Power Down

Power Down

Switch off or power down your electronic devices when not in use. Turning off one computer and monitor nightly and on weekends can save up to $80 a year. Savings like these could really add up!

adjust your water heating

Weatherize Your Business

Weather strip and caulk drafty doors and windows to keep in the heat when you need it most. Insulating your business can also help keep the heat or cool air in year-round.

Tune your HVAC

Tune Your HVAC

Just as a tune-up for your car can improve your gas mileage, a yearly tune-up of your heating and cooling system can improve efficiency and comfort.

Shift your use

Maintain and Repair

The winter season can be a great time to fix those “energy leaks” or upgrade your facilities to be more energy-efficient.

Get Payment & Bill Assistance

Let us help you avoid a service interruption and take steps toward regaining financial health. Set up a payment plan with SDG&E today and rest easy knowing that you’re covered.

Get Payment Assistance

Get PSPS Alerts

In the event of a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS), do we have your business’ current contact information — and have you signed up to receive outage notifications? Visit to learn more about PSPS notifications and additional support.

Winter Safety Tips for Your Business

Safety should come first every season. Here are helpful safety tips for your business. Visit our safety page for more business-safety tips and information on gas safety, powerline safety, and more.



Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home. Check the battery annually and replace the detector every five years to ensure it's working.



Prevent a Fire

Keep electric heaters a safe distance from furniture, blankets and other objects that could catch fire.


holiday lights

Don't Overload Outlets

When lighting for the holidays, always replace damaged light cords and broken sockets instead of trying to repair them. Also, try not to overload electrical outlets.



Watch Out for Hidden Damage

Keep electrical cords away from heat sources and pedestrian traffic. Do not place cords under rugs or mats where damage can go unnoticed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Level Pay is a program which averages out your bill and allows you to budget more easily.

Customers eligible for the Level Pay Program (LPP) service are:

  • Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) and Direct Access (DA) customers. The LPP amount for UDC billed CCA and DA customers is calculated using both the customers’ UDC and CCA charges.
  • Commercial electric customers with maximum monthly demand < 500kW per month.
  • Commercial gas customer using < 250,000 therms of gas per year, who are not Core Aggregation Transportation (CAT) customers.
  • GT or DT (Mobile Home Parks).  

 Note: Co-Generation accounts are not eligible for LPP. 

Net Energy Metering (NEM) customers are not eligible for Level Pay.  

Per state law, SDG&E does not profit off the sale of electricity and natural gas to our customers. The electricity and natural gas we purchase for our customers is directly passed through onto customer bills.

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