CCA and SDG&E Rate Comparisons

Together with your CCA, we provide a Joint Rate Comparison of typical electric rates, average monthly charges and power sources. 

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SDG&E/SEA Joint Rate Comparison
SDG&E/SEA Joint Rate Comparison

Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA)

Per California law, all customers who opt to get their energy from alternative energy suppliers, including CCAs, are required to pay what is called the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA). 

When utilities purchase electricity, they do so in long-term contracts meant to secure enough energy to service the number of customers they have, per state requirements. When customers move to CCAs, the California Public Utilities Commission requires that those departing customers do not burden remaining utility customers with costs that were paid to procure energy to serve them. To prevent cost shifting from one group of customers to another, CCA customers are required to pay the PCIA. The PCIA is a separate line item on the bill for customers receiving CCA service.

The portion of SDG&E's generation rate that needs to be recouped through the PCIA depends upon the year that the customer began receiving electric generation from the CCA (a vintage PCIA). Your vintage year remains the same, however, the PCIA charge for the vintage year will likely change annually.  Schedule CCA-CRS provides information on the current PCIA charges by vintage year.