About Us

San Diego Gas & Electric is an innovative San Diego-based energy company that serves the people and businesses of San Diego and southern Orange counties.

About Us

Always Forward

San Diego Gas & Electric has been energizing the region for over 140 years. But delivering energy to homes and businesses is only the start of our work each day. We also work hard to keep the community safe by helping to mitigate wildfires. We’re helping to enable the shift to electric vehicles. We’re supporting our local economy by working with diverse suppliers. And we’re investing in our community by supporting K-12 education and workforce training. Why do we do this? Because we’re always moving forward – together.

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What’s Changing

You may have noticed that we have a new look. Our logo has changed; it reflects our values and our goals, our passion and purpose. The letters stay the same, but our new Energy Globe represents so much more. It showcases movement forward. The colors represent our commitment to sustainability and the diversity of our customers, our employees, our community and our portfolio.

Why the Change?

Some people may ask, “Why change your logo – one that is so easily recognized within the community?” The answer is that we’ve grown. Every day we are innovating ways that we can keep our region safer, stronger and healthier, while still powering your lives and businesses.

Our new logo symbolizes the promise of tomorrow and our commitment to Net Zero by 2045.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Changing a logo that has been part of our brand for more than three decades is a big undertaking. We ask that our customers have patience as we go through this transition. We understand that customers may have questions about this change. Here are some frequently asked questions about our logo change:

We have had our old logo for over three decades and a change like this will take time. We have focused on updating signage at our facilities and our fleets. However, updating all of our employees’ uniforms will take more time.

We don’t want to be wasteful with perfectly good fire-resistant clothing that is used by our employees. So, we are going to transition to clothing with our new logo over the next several years. As a company that is focused on sustainability, we feel that this is the right strategy.

We are working on getting new badges for our employees and contractors that have our new logo. However, this process does take time. It will be several months before we can replace all old badges. We are prioritizing replacing badges for employees that are working out in the community and customer-facing. Any employee that has a badge with an old logo will direct customers to our sdge.com website where the customer can learn more about this change for themselves. If you have further questions, you can contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-411-7343.

At this point, we don’t have a final time estimate for when the logo will be completely changed out from the old logo. We expect that it may take up to several years. But many digital assets will be updated within the first several months of 2023.

We think it is important to use the paper supply that we have already purchased for bills and not be wasteful. We expect that the paper supply will be used up through February, and March bills will include the new logo.  

As noted, some assets and materials take more time update. We are working on getting My Account updated as soon as possible but expect that they will be updated in January 2023.

SDG&E is using shareholder funds to update our fleet vehicles, facility signage and some protective gear. Many digital assets do not require any money to update.

We do have several groups that we work with to educate our customers and help them sign up for these programs. However, these groups are responsible for updating these program materials themselves, so they will also need time to make these changes. Below is a list of companies that we work with to implement these programs. Please refer to this list to ensure that any company reaching out is a legitimate implementer of these programs.

Program Name

Third Party Vendor

Comfortably California (SW HVAC)


Golden State Rebates (SW PLA)


Career & Workforce Readiness (SW WE&T)

The Energy Coalition

Career Connections (SW WE&T)

Strategic Energy Innovations

RZNET (Multi-Family)

Synergy Companies

SD Energy Link (Federal)

TRC Solutions

K 12 Energy Efficiency Program

California Retrofit Inc

Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions (CEMS) (Large Commercial)

TRC Solutions

Residential Energy Solutions (Single Family) Synergy Companies
Climate Action Plan for Zero Net Energy (CAP4ZNE)  Okapi Architecture
Ag-STAR (Savings, Training, Assistance, and Rebates) (Agricultural)  Cascade Energy
Business Energy Solutions Willdan Energy Solutions, Synergy Companies

Serving the Community


3.7 million consumers

We distribute energy service to 3.7 million people through 1.49 million electric meters and 905,000 natural gas meters in San Diego and southern Orange counties.


4,600+ employees

We employ more than 4,600 people who work every day to deliver the energy our customers need.

Service Area

4,100 square-mile service area

We supply power to a population of 1.4 million business and residential accounts in a 4,100 square-mile service area spanning 2 counties and 25 communities. For a map of our service area, visit sdge.com/outage-map.