Protecting Customer Privacy 

At SDG&E we take customer privacy seriously. We are committed to protecting your data. Customer data is never sold and is not shared with our trusted third party businesses who perform services related to SDG&E’s own business purposes without your consent.  

Energy Data Request Program

To help interested customers, regulators, local governments and other interested third parties understand how customers of SDG&E use energy, we make certain information available in aggregate. We also provide access to authorized third parties to customer information.  

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Letter of Authorization

A Letter of Authorization (or LOA) provides you, the customer, a mechanism to authorize us to share data with specified third parties. It may also authorize a third party to act on your behalf.  Authorizations usually involve billing calculations, EPA benchmarking, correspondence in connection with accounts, investigation of utility bills, rate analysis and changes, etc. 

Create a Letter of Authorization

Please note that consumers may not authorize third parties to make CCPA requests using a Letter of Authorization. 


We are committed to safeguarding your customer information. Except in limited circumstances, we will not share your account or energy usage data with third parties unless you authorize us to do so. LOAs enable us to track the type of information you wish to share with a third party and for how long.  

Use our Consent to Share SM program to create a Letter of Authorization. 

Any LOA can be revoked by you (or, in some cases, by a third party) upon request. You may also use the Consent to ShareSM program to revoke access. Keep in mind that revocation of authorization may result in disenrollment from third party programs.


Privacy Resources

Here are some online resources to learn more about customer privacy and help you protect yourself.

  • Applying Privacy by Design, a whitepaper in partnership with SDG&E and information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada

  • Securing Our eCity * provides information to San Diegans on how to stay secure in cyberspace.

  • Identity Theft Resource Center * provides information on how to avoid falling victim to identity theft.

  • CyberHive * is an incubator and shared workspace for companies building cybersecurity products and services.

Privacy Smart Seals

A Privacy Seal is a graphic on a website that offers an added level of assurance for those interested in authorizing trusted sources to use their energy data.  Third parties that display Privacy Smart Seals have had their privacy practices reviewed by an independent privacy expert.  The third parties that have received this certification will have a badge (Privacy Seal) located under the third-party application description in My Account.

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* By clicking the link, you will leave and transfer directly to the website of a third party which is not part of SDG&E. The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy on that website will apply.