Opt-out Requests

You must contact your CCA if you choose to opt out of the program. Opt-out requests can only be processed by your CCA. CCAs are required to inform you of the opt-out methods available while your area is transitioning to CCA service for the first time or when you start electric service within an existing CCA area.

You may opt out of a CCA program during the 60-day notification period when your account is enrolled with a CCA provider without terms or restrictions.

Opt-out of CCA, return to SDG&E

You may request to opt out of a CCA after the initial 60-day enrollment period at any time, however, to return to SDG&E’s Bundled Service (BPS), we need six months advance notice to procure electricity on your behalf.  A 6-Month Advance Notice to Return to BPS should be completed and submitted to your CCA, if you choose to return to bundled service.

You may return to SDG&E bundled service without six months’ notice, however, you’ll be billed on SDG&E’s transitional bundled rate (TBS) until six months after we receive the opt-out service request from your CCA.  The TBS rate may be higher or lower than the bundled electric generation rate. 

If you opt out of CCA after the notification period, you’ll be required to make a twelve-month commitment to SDG&E’s bundled service.  Time spent on the TBS rate counts towards the one-year commitment.

Opt-out of SDG&E, return to CCA

If you’ve previously opted out of your CCA program, you may return to the CCA, after the twelve month commitment has been met.   We request that you provide six months advance notice if you are planning to return to the CCA.  Please fill out the 6-month Advance Notice to Return to CCA, and submit it to your CCA if you choose to return to the CCA program.