Get Credit for the Extra Energy You Generate

If you have an electricity generation system that uses a renewable fuel source, and you produce more energy than you use, you can earn bill credits for excess power that flows from your system to SDG&E’s electricity grid. This is our Net Energy Metering (NEM) program.


Generation, consumption and what happens when the sun goes down

During a sunny San Diego day, your solar system can generate enough energy to power you through the afternoon and into evening. With Net Energy Metering, if you generate more than you use, SDG&E will give you credit and then put the energy on the grid for everyone else to use. Then when it’s nighttime or a cloudy day and your system can’t produce all the energy you need, we’ll apply those credits to the energy you purchase from us.

 Who is this option for?

Family playing in Front of House with Solar Panels

If you have your own renewable energy source, you can participate in the NEM Program.

Roof covered in solar panels

If  your generating system is fueled by solar, wind or other eligible renewable fuel such as biomass, geothermal or small hydro. 

How does NEM work?

Net Energy Metering Infographic

The bill credits you earn and the electricity you use (usage not covered by bill credits) are based on the electric or billing plan you select when you join the program. When you start generating part or all of your own power needs, your billing will change to reflect this. You can choose the NEM billing program or elect to stay with your residential plan.  Perform a self-analysis of your regular energy usage to select the plan that's right for you.

When you sign up for NEM, you’ll receive two bills from SDG&E


  1. One bill for the renewable generator meter

  2. Another bill for your gas meter and other electricity meters (if you have any)

Considering Solar Energy?

If you're ready for solar or other renewable energy, we have information and resources to help you get started.  

Getting Started with Solar Energy

About the Net Energy Metering Program

Choose a Plan that Puts You in Control

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