Energy Efficiency Filings


SDG&E Energy Efficiency Programs Annual Report 2019 Results

SDG&E 2020 Annual Energy Program and Portfolio Budget Advice Letter (ABAL) Appendices

2017 and 2018 Energy Efficiency Savings Incentive

Attachment A -  SDG&E 2019 ESPI 2017 and 2018 Claims

SDG&E 2019 Annual Energy Program and Portfolio Budget Advice Letter (ABAL) Appendices

SDG&E Updated Set of Final Metrics

Updated Solicitation Schedule In Compliance of D.18-01-004" Ordering Paragraph 7

Decision 18-01-004, Ordering Paragraph 7, directs the utilities to post an up-to-date schedule of planned Energy Efficiency third party solicitations.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Diego Gas & Electric Company, Southern California Edison Company, and Southern California Gas Company shall, within 60 days of the date of this decision, and again after the issuance of a Commission decision on their business plans, plus periodically thereafter, post an up-to-date schedule of planned third party solicitations on their own web sites as well as the proposal evaluation and proposal management application web site. The updated schedules shall also be made available periodically to the California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Council.

Information on SDG&E’s EE Solicitation Process and the Consolidated IOU Solicitation Schedule is available at:

2015 and 2016 Energy Efficiency Savings Incentives

Attachment A to Advice Letter 3109-E/2606-G: Request of SDG&E for its 2015 and 2016 Energy Efficiency Savings Incentives in Compliance with Decisions 13-09-023 and 17-03-003 

2015 Energy Efficiency Program Portfolio Changes 

SAN DIEGO GAS & ELECTRIC COMPANY (U 902 M) 2015 Energy Efficiency Program Portfolio Changes Pursuant to the Assigned Commissioner’s Ruling and Scoping Memorandum Regarding 2015 Portfolios (Phase 1 of Rulemaking 13-11-005)

Pilot Financing Programs Notice

SDG&E has requested approval from the California Public Utilities Commission for two pilot financing programs. The proposed Energy Efficiency Eligible Measures are listed below.

    1.   Single Family Loan Program

    2.   Off-Bill Small Business Lease Providers Pilot

SDG&E Energy Efficiency Program Reporting

SDG&E’s Energy Efficiency Program Reports can be found on the California Energy Efficiency Statistics webpage hosted by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). This site allows public access to CPUC Energy Efficiency Program documents and information including:

  • Energy Efficiency Program Implementation Plans
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Reports
  • California Energy Efficiency Programs news and announcements

The link is the same for all reports below. On the Energy Efficiency Statistics webpage, select the appropriate drop downs with the report category and report options you are interested in. You can then review or download your selected report.

Program Cycle 2010-12: Energy Efficiency Reports

2010-12 Monthly Reports
2010-12 Annual Reports
2010-12 Fund Shifting Reports
2010-12 Program Implementation Plans (PIP)

Program Cycle 2006-08 (includes 2009): Energy Efficiency Reports

2006-08 Monthly Reports
2006-08 Quarterly Reports
2006-08 Annual Reports
2006-08 Program Implementation Plans (PIP) and Quarterly Narratives for Energy Efficiency (EE) Programs Reports

Program Cycle 2004-05: Energy Efficiency Reports

2004-05 Final Reports


2006 Annual Reports (Demand-Side Management, Low-Income Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficiency and Demand Response)

Annual Earnings Assessment Proceeding (AEAP) Program Year -- 2004

Energy Efficiency Annual Report 2009 Results

Annual Earnings Assessment Proceeding (AEAP) Program Year -- 2008

Annual Earnings Assessment Proceeding (AEAP) Program Year -- 2007

SDG&E Energy  Efficiency Programs Annual Report 2017 Results

SDG&E Energy  Efficiency Programs Annual Report 2018 Results