Energy Efficient Business Rebates

We offer rebates on various energy-efficient equipment for your business that can help you save energy and money.  View our  Product Catalog for a complete listing of eligible rebates.  

What You Should Know Before You Apply

  • Review the Energy Efficiency Business Rebates Handbook for an overview of policies and procedures.
  • Browse our  Product Catalog for a complete listing of rebates.
  • The following project types require a site inspection be conducted before existing equipment is modified or new equipment is installed:
    • Projects applying for On-Bill Financing
    • All products found in the Database for Energy Efficiency Resources Section in our product catalog
    • Various other products that are identified in the product catalog
    • Previous participation (if occurred within last 5 years)

Apply for a Rebate

 Step 1

We need to determine if your project requires pre-inspection.  Please fill out and submit our online application to begin the process. 

  • If we determine your project requires  pre-inspection, you'll have to wait up to three business days for a notice from us before any equipment can be purchased, modified or installed.  Purchasing and installing equipment is prohibited until the pre-inspection has been completed.  

  • For projects NOT requiring pre-inspection, once you submit your application, you'll receive a notification within three business days regarding confirmation of receipt.

Please note: Completing Step 1  does  NOT guarantee a rebate. You must also complete Step 2 through Step 4. 

Step 2

Once you've received a notification from us that your application is confirmed, you'll need to download and save the Application Confirmation for your records.

Step 3 

In order for us to begin processing, we’ll need a signature on the rebate application. Download the Business Rebates Program Application, fill it out (use your application confirmation from Step 2 for help), print the document and sign it. Then scan the signed document and save to your files. 

Step 4

Once you've completed Step 3 , you'll need to complete the application process by uploading your signed Business Rebates Program Application to the Installation Documents Section.  Before you do this, make sure you have your enrollment number and account number. 

When filling out the installation information please review our Invoice Template and our Energy Efficiency Project Invoice Guidelines for assistance.

Also, you'll need to upload your completed   W-9  to the  Installation Documents Section below (if you have not already provided it).


Installation Documents Section

Click here to upload your Business Rebates Program Application, Invoice and Specification SheetsYou can also check on the status of your rebate application here.   Once you have done this the application process is completed. 

Additional Information



Contact our Energy Savings Center at 1-800-644-6133 or [email protected]