Energy Efficiency Program Information

NOTE: These programs are available to agricultural, industrial and public customers. For commercial customers, there are two new energy efficiency programs available now. Please refer to the Small Commercial program or the Large Commercial Comprehensive Energy Management Systems program.
  • Customers can earn rebates on many types of energy-efficient equipment. 
  • Energy efficient lighting rebates provide instant savings and lower your bills over time.
  • Small to mid-size public customers may be able to receive a no-cost audit and installation of many energy-efficient products at reduced or no-cost.
  • Customers can receive cash incentives for retrofitting or installing new equipment.
  • Eligible customers can get 0% financing for qualifying energy-efficient improvements.
  •  Qualifying business and nonprofit customers can combine rebates and incentives with attractive financing through the state-administered Small Business Financing program. Learn more at
  • Higher use customers can receive a no-cost, personalized report of improvements and energy efficiency measures to save energy and money
  • Agribusiness customers can save time and cut costs with the Streamlined Ag Efficiency Program

  • Large industrial businesses can gain guidance on developing and implementing a long-term energy management strategy (Strategic Energy Management program, coming soon).


Contact our Energy Savings Center at 1-800-644-6133 or email [email protected].