Financing Options for
Businesses and Agencies

You may qualify for financing to make upgrades that lower your energy costs without paying anything more.

Financing Options

On-Bill Financing for Business

Our On-Bill Financing program works in conjunction with rebate and incentive programs and offers eligible customers zero-percent financing for qualifying energy-efficient business improvements. Through this program, you may qualify for 0% interest loans to implement eligible measures and upgrades, then repay in monthly installments through your utility bill, with no interest or fees.

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Small Business Financing (SBF) Program

When On-Bill Financing isn’t a fit for your energy efficiency project, turn to the Small Business Financing (SBF) program. Available to businesses and nonprofits who own or rent, the SBF program leverages private capital to offer attractive rates and terms on energy upgrades of up to $5 million. Flexible measures allow financing for heating and cooling, refrigeration, lighting and more. Financing may also include code-related repairs, solar, battery storage and non-energy improvements such as landscaping or remodeling. Combine with On-Bill Financing or SDG&E rebates for even more cost-effective energy savings.

A broad array of business types and sizes qualify for SBF, from manufacturing facilities and farms to offices and corner stores. Projects can range from simple equipment replacements to comprehensive property-wide upgrades.

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Third-Party Energy Efficiency Programs

Certain customer sectors are served by third-party energy efficiency implementers.  Contact the program representatives to gain information about the available financing options for those programs:

Customer Type / Sector

Program Name and Provider


Small Commercial Customers

Small Commercial Program Offered by Willdan

Large Commercial Customers

Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions Offered by TRC

Multifamily Property Owners

Residential Zero Net Energy Transformation (RZNET) Offered by Synergy Companies