Financing Options for Home or Business

On-Bill Financing for Business

Our On-Bill Financing program helps your business fund efficiency projects over time. Through this program, you may qualify for 0% interest loans to implement eligible measures and upgrades, then repay in monthly installments through your utility bill, with no interest or fees

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Small Business Financing (SBF) Program

When On-Bill Financing isn’t a fit for your energy efficiency project, turn to the Small Business Financing (SBF) program. Available to businesses and nonprofits who own or rent, the SBF program leverages private capital to offer attractive rates and terms on energy upgrades of up to $5 million. Flexible measures allow financing for heating and cooling, refrigeration, lighting and more. Financing may also include code-related repairs, solar, battery storage and non-energy improvements such as landscaping or remodeling. Combine with On-Bill Financing or SDG&E rebates for even more cost-effective energy savings.

A broad array of business types and sizes qualify for SBF, from manufacturing facilities and farms to offices and corner stores. Projects can range from simple equipment replacements to comprehensive property-wide upgrades.

Watch this space for an announcement of On-Bill Repayment, which will offer convenient monthly payments through your SDG&E bill.

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Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) Program

Single-family homeowners and tenants wanting to increase their home’s efficiency while reducing costs may qualify for the Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) program. The REEL program provides attractive financing options to help residential customers complete energy efficiency projects. Approved REEL program lenders offer energy efficiency loans with favorable rates and terms.

Measures including heating and cooling, windows, water heaters, insulation and appliances can be financed, and up to 30% of the loan can go toward non-energy measures like remodeling and water efficiency projects. Take advantage of REEL's competitive rates and terms to complete your next home upgrade. Townhomes, condos, manufactured homes and properties of 1-4 units are all eligible.

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Affordable Multifamily Financing (AMF) Program

The Affordable Multifamily Financing (AMF) program helps owners of qualifying master-metered multifamily properties make energy efficiency upgrades. The program leverages private capital to provide attractive financing for energy retrofits in properties where at least 50% of he units are income-restricted.  Both common area and in-unit projects qualify. Financing may include solar, battery storage and non-energy improvements such as landscaping or play equipment. 

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