Financing Options for Home or Business

On-Bill Financing for Business

Our On-Bill Financing program helps your business fund efficiency projects over time. Through this program, you may qualify for loans to implement eligible measures and upgrades, then repay in monthly installments through your utility bill, with no interest or fees. 

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Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) Program

Single-family homeowners wanting to increase their home’s efficiency while reducing costs may qualify for the Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) program. The REEL program provides attractive financing options to help residential customers complete energy efficiency projects. Approved REEL program lenders offer energy efficiency loans with favorable rates and terms.

​What can be financed?

  • Heating & cooling
  • Windows
  • Water heaters
  • Insulation
  • Pool pumps
  • LEDs
  • Appliances
  • Cool roofs
  • Smart Thermostats
  • and More!

Take advantage of favorable financing terms to complete additional tasks including general remodeling and water efficiency projects. Up to 30% of the loan can go toward these types of non-energy improvements.

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More New Financing Options Coming Soon

Homeowners, property owners, and businesses will soon have access to several new financing programs designed to help you realize greater efficiency and reduced costs. Through 3rd-party lenders, these financing options offer increased access to credit, and On-Bill Repayment options.

For a list of energy efficiency measures that may qualify for financing for any of these new options, visit the California Eligible Energy Efficiency Measures website.

For master-metered multi-family affordable housing property owners looking to make efficiency improvements, this option will provide the convenience of repaying a privately financed loan through your monthly utility bill, so you can enjoy the immediate benefits of energy efficiency while spreading the cost of upgrades over time. 

On-Bill and Off-Bill Equipment Lease

Leasing efficient equipment may be a great solution for your business. You can use the Small Business Lease Financing option, to lease eligible equipment with a smaller initial expense. This program features both Off-Bill and On-Bill Repayment, so you can choose what’s right for your business. 

On-Bill Repayment Loan

If your small business has had difficulty obtaining financing for efficiency measures and equipment, you may soon be eligible for a Small Business On-Bill Repayment Loan. This unique program features credit enhancement to give you more borrowing power, and includes On-Bill Repayment, so you can reduce your energy use and carbon footprint right away, and spread the cost out over time.

Larger businesses with efficiency goals will soon have access to a Medium & Large Business On-Bill Repayment Loan option. Through this program, customers who may not qualify for SDG&E’s On-Bill Financing Program can still finance qualifying measures with privately funded loans that are repaid through the convenience of the monthly utility bill.