Save the Day Residential

Allow us to adjust your air conditioning on certain days and receive financial rewards. Choose from two programs:

AC Saver (Summer Saver)

We install an AC Saver device on your air conditioning unit.  When energy conservation is needed, we activate the device to cycle your air.  You get an annual bill credit based on the total amount cycled during the year.  Learn more.

AC Saver Thermostat

When you purchase an approved smart thermostat and sign up for this program, we’ll give you $50 off the thermostat and $20 at the end of the year for allowing us to remotely adjust your settings when there is a call for energy conservation. Learn more.

Home Pricing Options

Another way to reduce your costs is through our residential pricing plans.  Lower your energy use during certain times of the day or when we activate a Reduce Your Use day and save.   

To see what pricing plans your home qualifies for, visit

For more information on these pricing plan options , visit our home pricing plan options.


Electric Rule 32

Electric Rule 32 gives you the option to participate in demand response programs offered by third-party Demand Response Providers.   Learn more.

Third Party Demand Response Providers Under Rule 32



Save energy. Get paid. Join OhmConnect’s free service to earn weekly payments for saving energy. Receive text or email notifications when it’s time to save, and connect smart devices to fully automate your OhmConnect experience.

Provider Type: Commercial/Residential

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When a call for energy conservation is issued, it can trigger one or many different incentive programs, depending on how much energy conservation is needed to stabilize the grid.  Typically when larger conservation is needed, events called Reduce Your Days or Critical Peak Pricing Days are called.  Reduce Your Use days effect customers on TOU-Plus rates or those who participate in certain residential incentive programs.  Critical Peak Pricing days effect customers on a CPP-D rates or those who participate in certain business incentive programs.   

Flex Alerts are a statewide call for energy conservation and are issued by the California Independent System Operator (ISO). The ISO is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation that manages the flow of electricity across the high-voltage, long-distance power lines that make up 80 percent of California’s and a small part of Nevada’s power grid. Flex Alerts can be triggered by heat waves, when power use outstrips electricity supply, unplanned power plant outages, or during fires that cause transmission line overloads, losses or limitations. Flex Alerts are posted on the ISO website, social media, sent by email and text to consumers who sign up for notifications, and the media is notified. 

When a Reduce Your Use Day is called  there is a need for energy conservation just within our territory. Customers  who have volunteered to reduce or shift electricity use on certain days can receive financial incentives for meeting "program specific" Reduce Your Use criteria.  If the criteria is not met, there are penalties.  

Make sure the right person at your home is signed up to receive notifications and alerts from SDG&E when event days occur. You can sign up for event notifications by logging into My Account and clicking on "Alerts and Subscriptions". SDG&E’s home page also contains notifications indicating which program's Event Days have been activated.

Auto Demand Response is technology enabled equipment and controls that can help streamline energy management and allow businesses to participate in a Demand Response program automatically. If you’re looking for a program that specializes in Auto Demand Response check out our Technology Incentives Program.

Demand Response is a call for conservation by SDG&E and can provide financial incentives to those customers who volunteer) to reduce or shift electricity use during peak periods in response to time-based rates and can provide a financial incentive for doing so.