There’s an EV to fit your style, needs and budget

Electric vehicles have gone mainstream: you can find plug-in options for everything from sporty compacts and family sedans to SUVs and even high-performance hot rods! And home charging units have become sleeker and faster than ever. If you’re thinking about a new ride, let’s start by comparing the basics:  

Types of electric vehicles

  • Runs on electricity only
  • Plugs into a standard wall outlet or charging station
  • Zero tail-pipe emissions
  • Examples include Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, and many others
  • Runs on an electric battery and gasoline once battery is depleted
  • Plugs into a standard wall outlet or charging station
  • Lower tail pipe emissions than conventional gas-only vehicles
  • Examples include Toyota Prius, Honda Accord Hybrid, Chevy Volt and many others

What’s the difference between a PHEV and a traditional hybrid vehicle?

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and traditional hybrid vehicles both use a combination of gasoline and electric engines. Hybrid vehicles typically have a smaller battery charged only by braking or going downhill, while PHEVs have a slightly larger battery that can be exclusively used and driven with no gasoline used.


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Charging your electric vehicle

If you’re like most San Diegans who drive less than 25 miles a day, a plug-in all-electric vehicle has enough juice to get you to work and back. Recharging the battery takes around one or two hours at a charging station, or you could plug your EV into a wall outlet at home to charge overnight.

Depending on the manufacturer of vehicle, there are different nozzle faces for the higher levels of charging. Some examples include:

  • BMW, Chevy and VW all have CCS combo DC fast charge nozzles
  • Most Asian manufactured brands have a CHAdeMO DC fast charge nozzle. Tesla owners can purchase an adapter that will allow them to use this charger too

Most DC fast-charging locations will have at least one nozzle of each type.