Committed to Becoming America’s Best Energy Company

cleanest safest most reliable

What does it mean to be America’s best energy company?  It means that there are no coal contracts in our energy portfolio and that 55% of the electricity we deliver to homes and businesses comes from solar, wind and other renewable energy.

It also means investing in and support a more sustainable, resilient, and healthy future including:



We are leaders in clean energy, advancing electric vehicles, and developing and operating a low-carbon energy infrastructure. Additionally:

Renewable Energy

We deliver 55% renewable energy to our customers today – among the highest in California and America.

Rooftop Solar

We developed the Renewable Meter Adaptor making it safer, easier and less expensive for customers to install private rooftop solar.

Electric Vehicles

With the Power Your Drive program, we're making clean driving more accessible by expanding access to EV charging at businesses, multi-family communities and disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Energy Efficiency

Over the last decade, SDG&E’s energy efficiency programs have saved enough energy to avoid building a large power plant.

Our Fleet

Our goal is to operate a 100% zero-emission fleet by 2035. 



Safety is our No. 1 priority. We are making strategic investments in modernizing our system, and taking aggressive steps to enhance public safety, and prepare for and minimize wildfire risk with tools including operating America’s largest utility-owned weather station network.

Strategic Investments

We are making strategic investments in modernizing our infrastructure to improve the safety and reliability, including the Cleveland National Forest, Fire Risk Mitigation, and Pipeline Safety Enhancement projects.

Weather Network

We developed and operate the nation’s largest energy company-owned weather network, which informs our operations and increases situational awareness for the company and first responders throughout the region.


We partnered with computer scientists to build a cutting-edge computer program to model wildfire ignition rates, growth potential and impact allowing us to prioritize fire hardening projects.


Firefighting Helicopters

Since 2010, we have partnered with San Diego County to bring one of the largest firefighting helicopters in the world into our region.

SAFE San Diego Initiative

In the communities we serve, we’ve created a model for citizens to take control. Through our SAFE San Diego Initiative, over 80 organizations, including 62 fire safe councils are receiving grants to support disaster preparedness and emergency response training.

Vegetation Management

Our vegetation management program involves cataloging and maintaining clearances for almost 500,000 trees growing near power lines.



We are leaders in clean energy, advancing electric vehicles, and developing and operating a low-carbon energy infrastructure. Additionally:

Best in the West

For 17 straight years we have received the “Best in the West” award for electric reliability.


A typical customer experiences one power outage every other year.

Battery Storage

We built America’s largest lithium ion battery storage facility to enhance regional energy reliability while maximizing renewable energy use.

Smart Grid

We utilize smart grid technology that uses real-time information about outages to dispatch crews to the location to quickly correct problems

Unmanned Aircraft

We are the first utility in the nation to receive approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to research, test and train flight crews on Unmanned Aircraft Systems, which are now used for surveying activities on fire hardening projects and piloting patrols of our transmission and distribution systems.


The Borrego Springs Microgrid is the first of its kind in the area that uses Smart Grid technology including local power generation, energy storage and automated switching to create a more robust, resilient power grid.