2019 FALL Local Resource Adequacy Solicitation

Latest News & Update

  • 9/04/2018 - All of the questions and answers received to date have been answered and posted
  • 8/20/2018 - RFP Launched

San Diego Gas & Electric Company (“SDG&E”) seeks to purchase and/or sell Local Resource Adequacy (“RA”) capacity products from load serving entities, marketers and generators (“Respondents”) to assist in optimizing SDG&E’s RA portfolio.  It is the intention of this solicitation to minimize the procurement cost impact for ratepayers while also meeting SDG&E’s Resource Adequacy Requirement (“RAR”).

This website provides an overview of the market solicitation.  Respondents are strongly encouraged to download the RA RFP Protocols document, available below, to fully understand all aspects of this RFP.

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Fall 2019 Local RA RFP Protocols
Fall 2019 Local RA RFP Protocols

Products Solicited

Respondents may submit proposals for any or all of the below RA-related products. 

Product ID



Local SD-IV– with or without Flex Category 1, 2, or 3
SDG&E Buys Local SD-IV RA (Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Daily)


System RA – with or without Flex Category 1, 2, or 3
SDG&E Buys System RA (NP-15 or SP-15) (Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Daily)


RA bought at select intertie Scheduling Points/Branch Groups*
SDG&E Buys Import RA (Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Daily)


SDG&E sells System RA (NP-15 or SP-15) – with or without Flex Category 1, 2, or 3 (Monthly)

*SDG&E would consider using its intertie RA import allocations at the following Schedule Points: PACI_MSL, NOB, IID-SDGE_BG or PVWEST.  Respondents may propose Import RA at other intertie points if import allocations at those locations are included in the proposal

Solicitation Submittal Documents

Participation in this RFP requires the completion of the Proposal Form & the Confirmation Template.  These documents are available via the links below.  Failure to provide the listed information may result in the Respondent’s proposal being deemed non-conforming and thus may disqualify the Proposal from further consideration.  Multiple proposals are acceptable.

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Proposal Form
Proposal Form
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Confirmation Template
Confirmation Template
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Credit Application
Credit Application

SDG&E has the right to evaluate and determine the creditworthiness of the Respondent relative to this RFP including completion of a credit application and submittal of audited financial statements. Counterparties who wish to apply for an unsecured line of credit MUST submit a credit application. Collateral requirements will be negotiated based on the counterparty’s creditworthiness as assessed by SDG&E. When required, collateral may be posted as cash or letter of credit.

RFP Schedule

The following are the key deadlines that apply to this RFP. SDG&E reserves the right to revise this schedule at any time and at SDG&E's sole discretion. Respondents are responsible for accessing the RFO website for updated schedules and possible amendments to the RFO or the solicitation process.





Launch RFP



Deadline to submit any questions



Answers to all Questions will be posted



Offer package due no later than 12 pm PPT on this date



SDG&E Notifies Offerors of selection



Shortlisted bidders notify IOUs of acceptance/rejection



All contracts are executed


RFP Communication

All questions or other communications regarding this Resource Adequacy RFP must be submitted via email to BOTH [email protected] with a CC to [email protected] (Independent Evaluator). Questions and their answers will be posted on this website anonymously soon after receipt.

RFP Announcements

Respondents are encouraged to check the RFP website periodically for updates, notices, and postings.  SDG&E will post all solicitation announcements, including scheduling changes or RFP amendments to this website.  In particular, check the RFP website for (i) updates to RFP documents and (ii) posting of answers to submitted questions.  

Submitting Proposals

Proposals must be submitted via PowerAdvocate in accordance with the instructions contained in the RFP Protocols. Please note that no late bids will be accepted.