Microgrid Standby Attestation 

Are you a customer with a microgrid project? Some projects qualify to have the capacity reservation component (CRC) of their standby charge suspended. 


Why submit your Microgrid Standby Attestation?  

Qualifying projects may have the capacity reservation component (CRC) of their microgrid standby charge suspended, which can save customers thousands of dollars. 

What is an attestation? 

An attestation is a statement that you are interested in and meet all the eligibility criteria for having the capacity reservation component (CRC) of your standby charge suspended. It lets us know that you believe you qualify for this savings program. 

Requirements and Conditions

Review the following eligibility criteria and performance standards. Customers with eligible microgrid projects operating under retail tariffs and interconnected under Rule 21 can attest to suspend the capacity reservation component (CRC) of their standby charge.   

  1. Comprised of distributed energy resources that each individually complies with the emission standards adopted by the California Air Resources Board for distributed generation criteria air pollution standards.  

  1. Able to prove, by manufacturer certification, they can operate using cleaner renewable fuels such as, but not limited to, renewable natural gas, biogas, or green hydrogen at the time of application for the suspension.  

  1. Form a commitment to convert the microgrid to and use only, as reasonably practicable, renewable fuels by December 31, 2030.  

  1. Have a certified capacity factor or self-supply factor of greater than 85 percent and availability factor greater than 95 percent.  

  1. Must not have received or be expected to receive Self-Generation Incentive Program incentives unless it can demonstrate incremental benefits (i.e., demonstrate the microgrid operation would be functionally different than otherwise operated in absence of the CRC suspension). 

How to Submit Your Attestation 

  1. Download and complete the attestation form.  

  1. Email the attestation form to the program administrator.  

  1. SDG&E will review and follow up with next steps. 

Have Questions? Need Help? 

Contact the program administrator