Pt. Loma Substation Rebuild Project


The substation rebuild is part of SDG&E’s goal of upgrading our system so it helps meet the increasing demand for electricity in the City of San Diego. The substation project will modernize the equipment to meet the latest reliability standards.

Project Benefits

  • Enhanced safety and reliability of the local distribution and transmission system.
  • Replacement of aging electrical equipment and underground circuits.
  • Reduced costs and environmental impacts for future maintenance activities.
  • Improved slope stability that helps prevent future erosion.

Project Schedule

The rebuild project is split into multiple phases over the course of 15 months. This timeframe helps with construction sequencing to maintain service and system requirements in the area with minimal impacts.

Construction inside the substation began in July 2017 and continues through October 2018. The planned working hours are Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Distribution work to re-route underground facilities and replace aging infrastructure along Wells and Udall Streets and Wabaska Drive began in August 2017 and was completed in December 2017. Upon completion of the entire project, the street will be repaved from curb-to-curb with new striping and landscaping will be added to blend in the facility with the surrounding area.

SDG&E will be onsite to oversee construction and assist with coordination activities. 

Construction and Street Impacts

Wabaska Dr. remains open throughout the project with Traffic Control in place to re-direct traffic during partial lane closure taking place for construction purposes. With nearly all of the underground facilities installed, the remaining impacts to the streets surrounding the substation will involve crews pulling and terminating cables between manholes to the substation. This will include energizing the new underground circuits. Work may take place during the late hours in order to safely energize the new cables when electricity use is low. Customers who will be affected by possible outages will be notified in advance. Crews are working as safely and quickly as possible. Your understanding is appreciated as we know the noise level is loud.  

More Information

Contact SDG&E’s Public Affairs Department

Vanessa Mapula Garcia
Senior Public Affairs Manager
[email protected]

Toll-Free Project Number

Project Questions and Answers

The existing Substation is nearly 50 years old with obsolete equipment. Increasing capacity or the ability to have more power flow through our system, requires upgrades to the substation to meet existing and future needs for reliable and sustainable energy.

Yes, at times the traffic and bike lanes will be affected. The planned schedule for street impacts will be posted on this page.

SDG&E will work with our contractors and traffic control personnel to make sure any impacts are kept to a minimum when possible.

There will be some noise and dust during planned working hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. SDG&E will be on site to make sure this is kept to a minimum and that it doesn't overly disturb the surrounding area.

All of our new systems are installed underground. This protects our infrastructure and makes for a more esthetically pleasing project for the neighborhood. After construction, the surrounding streets will be repaired, repaved and restriped to meet City of San Diego standards.

We don't anticipate our work will require any planned outages. However, if we need to shut-off power for safety purposes, we'll contact you in advance to help make sure you're prepared.

Before the project is completed in October 2018, landscaping will be added to beautify and enhance the appearance within the surrounding area. An illustration of the completed project will be included on project signage at the corner of Wells Street at Wabaska Drive. Please look for it mid to late August.