Manage Your Bill with Energy Alerts

Energy Alerts are a great way to keep track of your energy costs and use on your upcoming bill. These alerts give you an at-a-glance summary of:

  • Bill-to-date and projected bill
  • Breakdown of estimated charges
  • Energy use-to-date

You have the option to set Energy Alerts to weekly, halfway through your bill cycle or by spending limit. Give yourself enough time to take steps to reduce your energy use before your next bill.

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Customize your alert with My Account

  1. Log into Notification Settings with My Account,
  2. Select alert type - weekly, midway through your bill cycle, or based on a spending limit.
  3. Confirm the email address. Plus, you have the option to add text notification. 
  4. Click Save.

Go to Notification Preferences

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Customize your alert with the SDG&E mobile app

Log into the mobile app:

  • On the Home screen, tap More in the navigation at the bottom of the screen.
  • On the next screen, tap Notifications & Alerts.
  • Tap Energy Alerts.
  • Select your alert type.

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