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Improving Our Communications Network

We’re building a new, advanced wireless communications network to  restore communications faster and help protect communities from wildfires.

Cell Tower

Wildfires are one of the biggest concerns of Southern Californians

The Distribution Communications Reliability Improvement (DCRI) project will improve telecommunications reliability, enhance wildfire protection and improve network availability, reliability and coverage by expanding the use of Falling Conductor Protection (FCP) technology. FCP uses relays that communicate wirelessly to de-energize downed power lines (typically due to high winds) before contacting the ground, potentially sparking fire.

Project Overview

Our plan is to build the DCRI wireless network over the next 5-7 years. Initial deployment will focus on areas deemed to be of highest fire risk - the red and yellow areas illustrated to the right. 

Wireless base stations will be deployed to build the wireless network. The locations for these base stations were carefully selected  based on wireless coverage, most minimal environmental impacts and visual aesthetics.

High Threat Fire Districs


For more information:

Please call the project information line at 1-844-765-6388.

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Public Safety Power Shutoffs

As a last resort, we might need to shut off your electricity for public safety.


Wildfire Safety Measures

Wildfire Safety Measures

We’re strengthening our systems and facilities, awareness and communications to reduce
wildfire risks.


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Wildfire Safety

We’re enhancing and expanding our efforts to reduce wildfire risks.