You’re helping to fight climate change

As part of California’s efforts to fight climate change, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved the California Climate Credit for eligible utility customers.

The Climate Credit is a payment to Californians developed as a result of the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, which was passed to fight climate change. The Climate Credit results from fees that are charged by the state to help reduce carbon pollution and encourage use of cleaner forms of energy.

CPUC SealBeginning April 1, 2014, SDG&E residential customers began receiving the “California Climate Credit” on their bills. The credit appears as an adjustment on billing statements twice a year.

Millions of California residents receive a credit on their energy bill. Known as the “California Climate Credit,” it’s part of the state’s efforts to fight climate change. The credit comes from a state program to cut carbon pollution while also reducing energy costs.

When will I get my credit? 

In the past years, the electric credit was applied in April and October, and the gas credit was applied in April. For 2020 and 2021, the California Public Utilities Commission authorized SDG&E to temporarily shift the electric credit to be applied in August and September.  Changing the distribution months will not change the total value of the climate credits you receive in a year. The shift will provide bill relief for customers -- during the typically hottest months of the year – and reduce bill volatility. The gas credit will continue to be applied in April. In 2022, the climate credit will be distributed back to its original timing of April and October unless the Commission directs otherwise.

What do I  need to do to receive the credit?

You don’t need to do anything to receive the credit – it’s automatically applied to your bill. The amounts vary among utilities. See what other customers in the state are getting and read some frequently asked questions on the California Public Utilities Commission website.

View a sample bill to help you understand your climate credit.


What if I'm a Community Choice Aggregation customer? 

Community Choice Aggregation customers will also receive the credit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In years past, the electric Climate Credit was applied in April and October bills. This year in 2021 and in next year 2022, SDG&E has been authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission to distribute the state’s electric credit to residential customers in August and September. Changing the distribution months will not change the total value of the climate credits you receive in a year. The electric credit amount is $34.60 per billing month while the gas credit amount is $17.86.

This timing shift is the result of SDG&E looking at ways to provide bill relief for customers – during the hottest months of the year – and reduce bill volatility. The Commission is allowing the shift to provide temporary relief and to explore ways to increase public awareness and understanding of the climate credit.

The natural gas Climate Credit will continue to be applied once per year on the April bill. Shifting the electricity credit to August and September will provide bill relief when electricity consumption is at its highest time of the year. Natural gas consumption typically rises in the winter months.

As the electric climate credit shifts to August and September, residential customers can expect to see correlating bill increases in April and October as compared to last year.

The Commission temporarily authorized SDG&E to distribute the credit in August and September effective 2020 and 2021. The credit program was created by the State of California and is implemented by the CPUC. Beginning in 2022, the credit will revert to an April and October residential Climate Credit distribution, unless a subsequent Commission decision directs otherwise.

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