Technology Incentives Program

Save money and energy year-round with our Technology Incentives (TI) Program, which offers eligible business customers financial incentives for the purchase and installation of an energy management system (EMS).

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How It Works

Our Technology Incentives Program offers incentives to business customers to help with the purchase and installation of EMS controls and/or equipment, helping save all year by monitoring, controlling and optimizing energy use.

The program offers eligible business customers up to two-hundred dollars per kilowatt ($200.00/kW) of approved, installed and verified kilowatt (kW) reduction from a load shed test. The total incentive is limited to 75% of the total project cost.

Plan Eligibility

  • The program is available to any commercial, industrial or agricultural customer with three consecutive months of on-peak demand of 20kW or greater at the facility for which the incentives are being requested.
  • Must receive bundled or direct access electric service from SDG&E
  • Must be billed on a commercial, industrial, or agricultural Time of Use rate schedule
  • Customer has appropriate electrical metering billed on intervals, and receive 15-minute interval data
  • Businesses most likely to benefit are able to implement automated demand reduction measures (equipment or controls) in order to reduce their energy use, with minimal disruption to their core business, when an Event Day is called.
  • Only Auto-DR measures that meet open Auto-DR Standards will be considered eligible for incentives under this program

Requirements and Conditions

The TI program requires customers receiving incentives to enroll in a qualified Demand Response program for three years.

 Qualifying programs for TI enrollment are the Capacity Bidding Program (CBP), Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) or other eligible pilots such as DRAM.

How to Apply

You can apply in two ways:

  1. Submit your application and all of the required documents via our online application
  2. Download Technology Incentives Project Application, fill out and submit your completed application and all supporting documentation listed below via email to [email protected].

All submissions must be in an open excel format and include:

  • A complete list of automated demand response (ADR) control points
  • A list of hardware
  • All spec sheets installed with the project
  • The estimated kilowatt reduction per automated demand response measure
  • Your certification of ADR 2.0a compliance (pdf) as of the current year

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll contact you to either clarify additional questions or approve the project

Yes, we’ll will work with you to schedule and conduct a pre-inspection of your facility

After the project has been approved and the pre-inspection completed then we’ll issue an agreement authorizing work to begin

Once installation is complete, you'll need to provide an installation report and an invoice template that’s prepared in accordance with our project invoice guidelines.

We’ll work with you to schedule and conduct a load-shed test of the equipment.

Based on load-shed test performance, we’ll issue the incentive check in the appropriate amount.

If you have additional questions, contact our Demand Response Programs group at 866-377-4735 or email [email protected].

Additional Program Documents

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Invoice Template
Invoice Template
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Installation Report
Installation Report
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Project Invoice Guidelines
Project Invoice Guidelines
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Project Agreement
Project Agreement
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Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet

The Technology Incentive Program’s incentives are paid on a first-come, first served basis until program funds are no longer available or until the Technology Incentive Program is terminated, whichever comes first. The Program is administered by SDG&E under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission and may be modified or terminated at any time.