Baseline Allowance

Baseline allowance is the monthly amount of energy you can use at the lowest tier pricing. If you use more than your allowance during your billing cycle, you’ll move up to the higher-cost tier pricing and beyond. This applies to customers who are on a Standard or Time-of-Use plan.

Did you know? SDG&E provides all customers with an additional 30% of baseline energy. This means you have an extra 30% of energy  billed at the lowest price.

How Your Baseline Allowance is Determined

The following factors determine your baseline allowance:

  1. The climate zone you live in—coastal, inland, mountain or desert.
  2. The current season — summer (June 1 – October 31) or winter (November 1 - May 31.
  3. The number of days in your billing cycle.
  4. The type of service — either gas and electric or electric only—in your home.


Find Out What Your Baseline Allowance Is

Whether you're on a Standard or Time-of-Use pricing plan, the calculator below shows an estimate of your baseline allowance using a value of 30 days in your billing cycle, which changes monthly. You can experiment with the calculator by changing the factors that affect the costs you pay for electricity usage. A change in season (summer and winter) will influence results for the months of June and October because part of your energy usage may cross over into both seasons.

For customers on a Standard plan, the calculator also displays the amount that, when reached, triggers a High Usage Charge. Time-of-Use pricing plans are not subject to a High Usage Charge.


Baseline Allowance Calculator

What Climate Zone do you live in? Click here to view map.

The time of year:

Type of service:

Month to month your baseline allowance can change due to differences in the number of days in your billing cycle.

Use of the Baseline Calculator is for informational purposes only. SDG&E makes no warranty regarding the representations found in the results. Information results of this calculator are an estimate only based on data entered. SDG&E does not guarantee results from recommendations.

Please note: 

Estimates are determined by selection criteria and the number of days within your billing cycle in a given month. This calculator uses a 30-day month which can explain any slight differences you may see on your monthly statement.