Calculate Your Residential Electric Baseline Allowance

This calculator shows an estimate of your baseline allowance and the amount you need to use more than to be charged for High Usage. Please refer to your bill for actual baseline allowance and High Usage amounts. This calculator uses a value of 30 days as the total of days in your bill cycle which changes monthly.

Factors Affecting Your Bill

What are the factors affecting your baseline?

You can experiment with the calculator by changing the factors that affect the costs you pay for electricity usage.  You will see how these changes affect the baseline allowance number and subsequent energy use (which is divided up into percentages of your baseline allowance or tiered usage.) 

Summer And Winter Seasonal Rates

A change in season (summer and winter) will affect results for the months of June and October because part of your energy usage may cross over into both seasons.

Calculate Your Baseline Allowance and Monthly Electric Usage

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The time of year:

Type of service:

Month to month your allotted baseline allowance can change due to differences in the number of days in your billing cycle. 

Use of the Baseline Calculator is for informational purposes only. SDG&E makes no warranty regarding the representations found in the results. Information results of this calculator are an estimate only based on data entered. SDG&E does not guarantee results from recommendations.