High Usage Charge

As part of ongoing changes in electric rate reform across California, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) directed SDG&E and the other California investor-owned utilities to implement a High Usage Charge to encourage customers to conserve energy.

The High Usage Charge applies to customers on the Standard residential tiered plan whose energy use is above 400% of their baseline allowance, which is considered well above the typical usage for the average household. Once a customer reaches the High Usage Charge threshold, it triggers a higher price for all electricity used beyond the 400% mark for the remainder of that billing cycle.

For customers who reach the High Usage Charge, it can have a significant impact on their bill. 

Customers can still avoid the High Usage Charge by enrolling in a Time-of-Use plan, which is not subject to the High Usage Charge.

How much is it?


p>Note: As part of a larger rate relief effort across the state, in response to COVID-19, the California Public Utilities Commission (Commission) temporarily reduced the price of high usage electricity by 30%. This lower price is represented below.


Current Effective Prices 

Standard Chart Summer

The outlined pricing has been rounded for illustrative purposes. Visit Total Electric Rates for complete pricing schedules and additional pricing plan details. 

Baseline Allowance

The Baseline Allowance is the amount of energy required to cover your basic household needs such as lighting, cooking, heating and refrigeration. Your individual baseline is reviewed and approved by the State of California and is determined by your climate zone, season number of days in your billing cycle and whether you’re a gas-only or gas and electric customer.

How does knowing your baseline allowance help you avoid the High Usage Charge? The purpose of the High Usage Charge is to encourage energy conservation. This state-mandated charge only impacts you if your household exceed 400% of your baseline allowance. This is similar to how the data plan for your mobile phone works, where you're charged more for data use in excess of your allocated data. Knowing your baseline and managing when and how much energy you use may result in lowering your energy bills.

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What should I do?

  1. First, use the calculator above to determine what level of electricity use results in the new charge.  Compare this amount of usage to your bill to see if you're close to or have reached this level.  
  2. Second, sign up for alerts if you feel your electricity use could reach these levels.
  3. Third, take steps to manage your energy use to avoid the charge.

Additional Information:

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Use online saving tools 

  • Compare your electricity pricing plan choices. You may save by choosing another plan.
  • Set a spending goal and get email or text alerts when you've reached it.
  • Subscribe to a weekly email alert summarizing your energy use each week.

Go to sdge.com/MyAccount

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  • Comparison shop for the best price on energy-efficient products. You can also get price-change alerts.
  • See estimates on annual energy savings and popularity ratings for these products.
  • Apply for rebates through an easy online process.

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As a CARE customer, you're currently receiving a monthly bill discount of up to 38%. However, high electricity use may make you ineligible to continue receiving this discount. If you exceed four times the amount of your baseline allowance, you're subject to both the High Usage Charge and eligibility re-verification. The re-verification process will start with a separate letter sent from our CARE Program team.

Consider making changes to your home's energy use so you can avoid the High Usage Charge. If you're eligible, the Energy Savings Assistance Program could provide you with free energy-efficient home improvements that can make your home more comfortable and save you money now and for years to come.

Additional information about baseline allowance is available here.  

The High Usage Charge is based on electricity use. To avoid the charge you need to use less than 400% of your baseline allowance. Be sure to sign up for alerts so you're aware of your energy use during the month. And you can follow these no-cost savings tips and low-cost savings tips  to save money. 

Time-of-Use pricing plans are not subject to the High Usage Charge. You can evaluate your available options in My Account

Consider Solar

You may be able to avoid the charge by considering solar.  For more information visit: