On-Bill Financing

Thank you for your interest in our On-Bill Financing Program.

We're pleased to announce that we have received authorization to collect additional funds for our On-Bill Financing Program and will proceed with contracting projects on a first come, first served basis.  Because funds are limited, effective immediately, a customer loan cap will be implemented.  Regardless of the number of eligible meters:

  • All non-government-funded customers will be limited to a maximum of $1 million dollars in total On-Bill Financing
  • All government-funded customers will be limited to a maximum of $2 million dollars in total On-Bill Financing  

For additional information, please refer to the questions below, or contact us at [email protected], or by phone at 1-800-644-6133

Yes, the current meters caps will still apply.

If your application was received by SDG&E prior to 1/16/2018, SDG&E will proceed with processing that application, provided there is adequate funding, and the loan amount does not exceed the maximum loan amount based on the number of meters at the premise/location. All applications received as of 1/16/2018 will be subject to the new customer loan caps.

Like the meter-level caps, the customer loan caps apply to the original loan amount. Partial repayments are not taken into consideration.

An eligible customer may qualify for additional financing if the total loan amount is less than the maximum allowed for the customer type (both at the meter-level and customer-level). For example, if a non-government-funded customer has existing loans that total $1,000,000 (the maximum), they must pay at least one of the loans in full prior to applying for additional funding. Alternatively, if a non-government-funded customer has existing loans that total $800,000, and decides to install additional equipment, the customer may qualify for up to $200,000, regardless of how much has been paid back. The same rules apply to the meter-level caps.

As stated in our previous announcement issued on 12/08/2017, if an OBF application was received by SDG&E prior to 12/08/2017, SDG&E will honor the 2017 rebate values, program rules, and guidelines for that project, if the following conditions are met:

  1. SDG&E conducted a pre-inspection on or before 12/31/17;
  2. SDG&E has adequate funding as well as the appropriate documentation and information required to execute an OBF loan agreement on or before 2/28/18;
  3. all lighting products are purchased from a participating distributor no later than 3/30/18; and
  4. all non-lighting equipment is installed, and a signed rebate application is submitted no later than 5/31/18.

If any of the conditions listed above are not met, the project will be subject to the most recently published rebate values, program rules, and guidelines applicable at the time the loan agreement is executed.

Furthermore, if SDG&E has conducted a pre-inspection, and the OBF applicant chooses to forego On-Bill Financing, but still wishes to obtain rebates for equipment, and complies with conditions 3 and 4 above, the applicant will be eligible for the 2017 rebate values, program rules, and guidelines. Note: This scenario only applies to OBF applicants with a completed pre-inspection. All other applicants will be subject to the most recently published rebate values, program rules, and guidelines at the time of purchase and/or installation.

How to Apply in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Check Eligibility

Save time and find out if you're eligible  (pdf) for On-Bill Financing before you apply.

Important: You or your Trade Professional, must also verify that the measures that you’re installing are eligible for a rebate or incentive.


Step 2: Confirm Your Trade Professional's Status

View our Trade Professional Directory and confirm that your Trade Professional is on our list. Our authorized Trade Professionals must complete the Trade Professional Program Essentials training and submit the required documentation in order to submit projects on a customer's behalf or be listed on the project application. 

If you are self-installing, or the Trade Professional you're planning to use is not listed in our directory, make sure you understand the  program requirements (pdf) before proceeding with Step 3.  


Step 3: Complete and Submit the Application Package

Please note: If you are participating in SDG&E's Midstream Lighting Program, the proposal must list the proposed model numbers and quantities and include the participating distributor's signature. 

Other Resources

If you are a trade professional, you are required to complete OBF Training and sign the Trade Professional Participation Guidelines in order to submit an application on a customer's behalf. You will also want to review the following:


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