Avoid the On-PeakLet Your A/C Setting Help You Save More on Your New TOU Plan

With your new Time of Use (TOU)  pricing plan, when you use energy matters. Programming your thermostat to shift your A/C use  out of the on-peak hours between 4pm and 9pm, is one more way you can save on a TOU plan.

Using a programmable thermostat can help you control energy costs. Schedule your A/C to run when you expect to be home and not when you know you’ll be away or during on-peak hours.

Thermostat graph

Tips for saving during the on-peak hours of 4 pm to 9pm

  1. Program your thermostat to pre-cool your home to a lower temperature up to three hours before 4pm.
  2. At the start of the 4pm on-peak period, program your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher.
  3. Program your thermostat to return to your normal evening temperature after 9pm.
  4. When away from home or during the on-peak hours, consider one or more of the following:
  • During the summer season (June - October), program your thermostat to raise the temperature  a few degrees above 78 degrees - especially during the higher cost on-peak hours.
  • During the winter season (November - May), program your thermostat to lower the temperature  a few degrees  below 68 degrees - especially during the higher cost on-peak hours.
  • Reduce your overall A/C use during on-peak hours and/or run the fan portion of your A/C unit.

Most programmable thermostats include options for setting times and temperatures for on/off or wake/sleep and include weekend and weekday settings. Look for a step-by-step instruction card that is often inserted into a slot in the thermostat or inside a hinged cover. You can also consult the owner’s manual or search online to learn how to adjust the setting on your thermostat.

If you are interested in upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat, visit https://marketplace.sdge.com/thermostats/ to view available products and rebates.

For more information on your new TOU Pricing Plan, visit sdge.com/whenmatters.