SDG&E 2016 Preferred Resources Local Capacity Requirement Request for Offers

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Respondents are encouraged to check this RFO Website periodically for updates, notices, and postings. SDG&E, at its sole discretion, pursuant to orders from the CPUC, may change the terms, requirements and schedule of this solicitation. Respondents should monitor the RFO Website for announcements regarding any updates or changes including posted questions & answers. SDG&E will post all solicitation announcements, including scheduling changes or RFO amendments to this website. In particular, check the RFO website for (i) details on the pre-bid conference call and (ii) posting of answers to submitted questions.

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Description of the RFO

San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) issued its 2016 Preferred Resources Local Capacity Requirement (“LCR”) Request for Offers (“RFO”) to solicit bids  in accordance with Decision ("D.") 14-03-004 – Decision Authorizing Long-Term Procurement for Local Capacity Requirements due to Permanent Retirement of the San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station (the “Track 4 Decision”) on February 26, 2016.

SDG&E is requesting offers for the following resources:

  1. Energy Efficiency (EE)
  2. Demand Response (DR)
  3. Renewables
  4. Energy Storage
  5. Distributed Generation (DG)

For more information, click on the link for each specific resource.  Resource-specific RFO forms, documents, schedule and frequently asked questions can also be found by clicking the links above.

SDG&E is seeking up to 140 MW in aggregate from all product types included in this RFO. SDG&E is interested in resources that can begin deliveries as early as 2018 but will consider later start dates, is not specifying any required term, but some portion of the delivery term must encompass all of calendar year 2022. SDG&E’s authorization for this solicitation comes from the Track 4 Decision and D.15-05-051 (the Carlsbad Energy Center Conditional Approval Decision).

SDG&E is soliciting third party-owned, contracted resources for all of the product types listed above with the exception of energy storage.  For the energy storage product type, SDG&E is soliciting both third party owned, contracted resources and energy storage systems to be owned by SDG&E (more information on Utility owned storage can be found on the Energy Storage web page and in the Energy Storage RFO document). 

SDG&E’s solicitation process is designed and intended to evaluate the different resource types (and ownership structures, in the case of energy storage) on an equivalent basis.  SDG&E will consider loading order ranking, ability to provide category 1 flexible RA, DBE status, and respondent’s safety plans as a qualitative factors in the evaluation.  

The Independent Evaluator (IE) for this solicitation is PA Consulting (Jon Jacobs - [email protected] and Barbara Sands - [email protected])

Limit on Number of Offers / Bids

Each Respondent is limited to six bids per project or program.  What constitutes a different project or program is included in the RFO documents and includes:  differing CODs or delivery start dates, differing delivery terms, differing energy deliveries or dispatchable configurations, differing maximum capacity or energy savings, differing points of interconnection, differing operational constraints and differing equipment suppliers. 

If the respondent has questions or concerns regarding bid limits, please contact SDG&E at: [email protected] and cc thethe IEs  Jon Jacobs -[email protected] and Barbara Sands - [email protected]

Diverse Business Enterprises (DBEs)

SDG&E encourages Diverse Business Enterprises (“DBEs”), “Women-Owned Businesses” or “Minority-Owned Businesses” or “Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises” as defined in G.O. 156[1], to participate in this All Source RFO. 

Furthermore, SDG&E encourages developers to utilize DBEs during various stages of project development and construction. As a part of G.O. 156, SDG&E will require developers to identify and verify their DBE contractor/subcontractor spending if any.

Additional information on SDG&E’s DBE program and utilizing DBEs can be found at:


SDG&E’s DBE Program representatives will provide a presentation during the bidder’s outreach event on April 13, 2016.  DBEs can request additional information by contacting SDG&E at [email protected].

RFO Questions and Answers / Frequently Asked Questions

All questions must be provided to SDG&E via the following e-mail address: [email protected] and cc the IE's Jon Jacobs -[email protected] and Barbara Sands - [email protected].  (with the exception of questions that are asked at the bidder’s outreach event in April).  Answers to questions received will be posted on this web page or the product type specific pages listed above.  Categories of questions and answers that will be posted on this page include:

Please submit questions to SDG&E’s RFO team by email at [email protected] and cc the IE's Jon Jacobs -[email protected] and Barbara Sands - [email protected].  

SDG&E’s initial responses will be available approximately one week after the bidder’s conference. 

SDG&E will post responses periodically thereafter.  The deadline to submit questions is June 17, 2016 and SDG&E will post its final responses on June 24, 2016. 

RFO Schedule

The following schedule and deadlines apply to this RFO.

SDG&E reserves the right to revise this schedule at any time and at SDG&E's sole discretion. Respondents are responsible for accessing the resource-specific websites on a regular basis for updated schedule and possible amendments/changes to the RFO or the solicitation process for a specific resource.





RFO Issued

February 26, 2016


Pre-Bid Conference / Bidder Outreach Event

April 13, 2016


Question submittal cut-off date.
Answers to all questions will be posted on the website no later than June 24, 2016

June 17, 2016


DEADLINE TO REGISTER for PowerAdvocate ® access / to download RFO forms and documents

June 24, 2016


Offers must be uploaded to and received on  the PowerAdvocate ® platform no later than 1:00 PM Pacific Prevailing Time on July 1, 2016

July 1, 2016


SDG&E Begins Bid Evaluation Process

July 2, 2016


SDG&E notifies Shortlisted Bidders

October 28, 2016


Letter due from Shortlisted Bidders indicating:

Withdrawal from SDG&E’s solicitation; OR Acceptance of shortlisted standing and including Shortlist Acceptance Fee

+10 Days
after Shortlist Notification


SDG&E issues appreciation notices to unsuccessful Respondents

+3 week
after Shortlisted Bidders accept/withdraw


SDG&E commences contract negotiations

+11 Days after Shortlist Notification


SDG&E Submits Agreements to CPUC for approval

Q2 2017


* Negotiation time will vary depending on proposal specifics including proposed contract modifications.


Outreach Event/Pre-Bid Conference

SDG&E will host one bidder outreach event:

The event is scheduled for April 13, 2016 which will be an in-person event (with dial-in / webinar available for those that cannot attend in-person).  Participation in this event is NOT mandatory in order to submit an offer.


Event / Conference Information


LCR RFO Bidder Outreach Event / Bidder’s Conference

Date / Time

April 13, 2016 11:00 (PDT) – 2:00 (PDT) (we may not use all this time, depending on the length of the question and answer periods) *


Dial In


Conference ID



Energy Innovation Center
4760 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117


* Please also note that although refreshments will be served, we will not be serving lunch


Please monitor the RFO website for further details (such as conference presentation materials, location details, and final arrangements).  SDG&E will also make an effort to notify bidders of outreach event details via e-mail. 

Any party interested in attending these events should email the following information to [email protected] and cc thethe IEs  Jon Jacobs -[email protected] and Barbara Sands - [email protected]

  • Company name, and
  • Attendees’ names, titles and contact information

To Contact SDG&E Regarding this RFO

All questions or other communications regarding this RFO must be submitted via e-mail to [email protected] and cc thethe IEs  Jon Jacobs -[email protected] and Barbara Sands - [email protected]

The deadline to submit questions is June 17, 2016.  All questions and answers will be posted on this website (see RFO Questions and Answers Link, above).

[1] See for the definition of a DBE.

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Bidder’s Conference Presentation
Bidder’s Conference Presentation
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LCR Pre-bid conference presentation