If you suspect a gas leak, leave the area immediately. From a safe location, call 911 or call us at 1-800-411-7343. Also call us if you have questions about a gas odor or carbon monoxide.

How to shut off your gas in an emergency

For your safety, DO NOT turn off your natural gas at the meter unless you see, hear or smell the signs of a gas leak – and ONLY if it’s safe to do so.

To turn off your gas:

  1. Know where your natural gas meter is before there’s an emergency.
  2. Find the shut-off valve.
    • TIP: Facing your meter, you’ll see a pipe running from the ground to the meter. The shut-off valve is usually 6 to 8 inches above the ground. It runs parallel with the pipe when the gas is on.
  3. Use a 12-inch or larger adjustable wrench to turn the valve 1/4 turn in either direction, until the valve is crosswise to the pipe.
    • TIP: Keep the wrench with your emergency supplies.
      Gas shutoff valve

      ON = Gas shut-off valve is parallel to pipe

      OFF = Gas shut-off valve is crosswise to pipe (1/4 turn in either direction)

Caution: Don’t turn it on yourself

If you turn off your gas at the meter, do not turn it back on yourself. Call us at 1-800-411-7343 to restore your gas service and relight the pilot lights.

Gas shut-off valves

For additional safety, a shut-off valve should be installed at every natural gas appliance. It allows you to shut off the gas for a specific appliance with a gas leak instead of shutting off all your gas service at the meter.