How You’re Billed with NEM

Once you go solar you'll get two separate bills:

  • One for natural gas usage

  • One for electricity

Your electric bill will have charges for any electricity you use beyond what's produced by your system as well as a minimum monthly charge (if applicable). Your gas bill will be still be due in full each month, but you can choose what you pay toward your monthly electric bill. Pay as much or as little as you want each month as long as your annual energy charges are paid in full by your anniversary date.

However, if you don't plan to pay your bill in full every month, don't forget to stop any automatic monthly debit payment associated with your account or you'll continue to see those charges. Whatever option you choose you'll continue to receive a monthly bill as well as a NEM metering statement so you can see and manage your energy use.

If You Produce More Energy Than You Need

 If you produce more energy than you use during the year, you'll get a credit for that energy (called an excess generation credit). At the end of your 12-month billing cycle we'll calculate the excess energy you produced minus the energy you purchased and pay you for any excess with a bill credit on your anniversary date. 

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