EcoChoice Cost Calculator


EcoChoice is a program that helps you go green the easy way.

Answer the questions below to get an estimate of what the additional monthly cost could be to purchase renewable energy for your home or business.


EcoChoice Cost Calculator Disclaimer

The presented monthly charge is an estimate only and will vary depending on actual electricity consumption. The rates used in this calculator represent current program charges and may not be accurate for customers with a PCIA vintage from a previous year. Rates are subject to change at any time.

This calculator takes a variety of user inputs and makes assumptions to provide an estimate of the bill impact customers may expect to experience if the customer enrolls in EcoChoice. The user’s inputs allow this tool to show bill impact calculations for a customer with these characteristics. The estimated financial benefits and costs of enrolling in EcoChoice, as shown in the tool, will vary based on the specifics entered by the user. Future changes to rates or rate structure may impact estimates generated by this calculator and may decrease the benefit information provided by this tool. All customer entered inputs may be changed after the initial run of the calculation is performed.

The charts, graphs and analysis provided by this analysis tool are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a representation or recommendation by SDG&E as to whether or not a customer should enroll in EcoChoice. SDG&E cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the estimated information provided by this tool. SDG&E expressly disclaims any and all liability for any damages of any nature (including direct, indirect, incidental and consequential) arising in connection with the use of this analysis tool.