Power Your Drive FAQs

If you own an apartment or condo complex, complete the application. We’ll ask you to provide the following information:

  • Estimated number of EV drivers in your complex

  • Potential number of EV drivers (that is, people who currently don’t drive an electric vehicle but would consider getting an EV if your complex has a charging station)

  • Number of units in your complex


These charging stations are just for your residents. The stations are not posted on any public EV charging location sites. Visitors can use the stations at your discretion.


When you apply, you must commit to:

  • Dedicate a minimum of 5 parking spaces

  • Make a one-time participation payment (if applicable)

  • Agree to promote EVs and the usage of your private chargers

For select, lower-income communities, there is no cost for the installation, equipment, or ongoing maintenance and operations. Join the interest list to learn if this applies to your building.

For complexes in other communities, there is a one-time participation payment of $235 per charger (minimum of 5, or $1,175).


The minimum for the Power Your Drive program is 5 chargers.


We can put the charges on your SDG&E bill;


You can set the system up so that each driver pays for their electricity on their SDG&E bill.

Your charging station vendor may have other options; however, these additional services are not covered by the Power Your Drive program.

SDG&E will own, operate, and maintain the charging stations at no additional cost for the life of the program. This includes all maintenance, repairs, driver calling support and billing.


You can find the terms and conditions in our online application.

No. Power Your Drive EV charging stations come directly off of an SDG&E service or transformer, so we won’t use any electricity from your property’s side of the meter.

No. Power Your Drive EV charging stations come directly off of an SDG&E service or transformer. Therefore, we will not use any electricity from your property’s side of the meter that might cause demand charges.

We approve sites based on when the application is received, if the property meets the qualifications and when the documentation is returned.

There are two ways to pay for electricity from the charging stations. The electricity is billed at an hourly rate that’s lower during nonpeak hours and higher at peak hours.

  • Driver pays: The cost is paid by each driver directly on their SDG&E bill. Drivers are incentivized to charge during nonpeak.  An app helps automate this process for them.

  • Property pays: The business, apartment or condo HOA receives a bill each month for the electricity used by the drivers.  If you select this option, you’ll require a load management. Your charging station vendor can help you create such a plan

SDG&E’s Power Your Drive team will provide you with materials to get your EV drivers signed up.

No problem, they can sign up for a Power Your Drive account.

We can help you anticipate your needs. Email us at [email protected] to get started.