Power Your Drive provides low-cost EV charging stations

We’re on a mission to help everyone in San Diego make the switch to electric vehicles (EVs). One of our completed projects is Power Your Drive which makes EV charging more accessible to apartment and condo dwellers, and workplace employees. Power Your Drive is fully subscribed at this time and we are installing 3,500 charging stations now. Here's a little bit about what we did and what the program is all about.

Condominium associations, apartment owners and employers benefited

Power Your Drive charging stations are operated and maintained by SDG&E, so there are no operational or service costs. Participants receive personalized support, there's no impact to facility electric panels, and it's a great way to demonstrate a commitment to clean air. SDG&E bills customers directly which makes it convenient for property and building managers. Some sites located in a disadvantaged community were eligible for EV chargers at no out-of-pocket costs.  

How participants qualified

To qualify, apartment/condo buildings needed at least 5 parking spaces while workplaces had to dedicate at least ten spaces. A License Agreement for the charging facilities was signed along with a one-time participation payment (if applicable). In turn, management promoted electric vehicles and these private chargers that can only be used by tenants.


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Power Your Drive for participating EV drivers

Power Your Drive Implementation Status Map