Does your employer, apartment or condo association offer electric vehicle charging through Power Your Drive?

If you drive electric and have access to this program, there are many great reasons to start charging with Power Your Drive. These charging stations remove the barriers to electric vehicle (EV) ownership, giving you more control, more time and more freedom to enjoy the ride. Enroll now and enjoy the benefits of Power Your Drive.

  • Conveniently charge your vehicle while at work or while you're at home sleeping
  • Built for exclusive private use, not the general public's
  • Set a max price of what you want to pay to charge your EV
  • Special pricing plan offers lower prices during grid-friendly times*

* Grid-friendly times are when the power grid is being energized by renewable energy and not resource-constrained.

Enroll as a driver.

Power Your Drive provides low-cost EV charging stations

Did you know transportation accounts for 55% of all the greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in the City of San Diego? SDG&E is a key partner in local efforts to help reduce GHGs and we’re on a mission to help San Diego make the switch to electric vehicles. One of our completed projects is Power Your Drive which makes EV charging stations more accessible to apartment and condo dwellers, and workplace employees. Power Your Drive is fully subscribed at this time.

The Power Your Drive Pilot program installed over 3,000 charging stations at 255 locations. Between 2020 and 2023, Power Your Drive participants that charged at PYD stations reduced greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 15,000 metric tons. That eliminated the combustion of 1.6 million gallons of gasoline and is the equivalent of over 40 million electric vehicle miles driven.

Driving electric has never been easier


The Power Your Drive pricing plan saves you money

Power Your Drive is a convenient perk 

Workplaces and property management companies who offer Power Your Drive charging stations to their employees and tenants is a great amenity. You can conveniently charge your vehicle when you want. These charging stations are only for use by Power Your Drive participants and are not open to the public. 

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