Electric Vehicle Incentives

There are several programs and rebates available to reduce the cost of buying or leasing an EV. Review state, federal and income-qualifying incentives to save on your EV.

EV Incentives

State and Federal Incentives

Here are several examples of EV incentives that you may be eligible for:

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Clean Vehicle Rebate

Cash rebates are available for qualifying customers, including an increased rebate for low- and moderate-income consumers.

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Federal Tax Credit

Get a new EV and a break on your taxes! You can receive a federal tax credit based on EV's battery capacity and tax credit eligibility.

High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Stickers

Certain EV drivers in California are eligible to use the HOV/carpool lane as a single occupant.

Find Out if You Qualify for EV Incentives

Check EV Incentives


Yes, you may be eligible for one or more incentives if you purchase or lease an EV. Use our EV Incentives tool  to find out which incentives you may qualify for.

Yes, you may be eligible for one or more incentives if you’ve already purchased or leased an EV. View all the incentives you may be eligible for using our EV Incentives tool.

Yes, you can apply for multiple incentives for the same EV.

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Hit the road knowing you have convenient options to charge your EV from home or on the go.

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