Earn a credit for driving clean

As part of California’s effort to fight climate change, if you drive an all-electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, you may be eligible to receive an annual Electric Vehicle Climate Credit (EVCC.) This credit is part of the California Air Resources Board's effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in California. There are also state and federal rebates you can earn for purchasing an EV. And, unlike the rebates, you can apply for the credit each year you own or lease your car.

In 20181, over 13,500 SDG&E customers earned an Electric Vehicle Climate Credit of $5002 for driving a clean vehicle. The credit is only for electric cars registered at a residence AND that can be driven on a highway. Electric commercial fleet vehicles, golf carts and scooters are not eligible.

This program is funded by regulation meant to increase the use of clean-vehicle fuels. Enrollment for the 2019 EVCC starts on March 1, 2019. Remember, you can pay less at the plug with an EV Time-of-Use pricing plan. Prices are lowest when you program your car to charge from midnight to 6 a.m. Visit sdge.com/EVpricing to learn more.


1 Applications for 2018 are no longer being accepted.

2 The Electric Vehicle Climate Credit amount varies based on the number of applicants in a given year. SDG&E® makes no guarantees regarding the amount of this year’s credit. 2019 is the final year this credit will be available. To receive the credit, your vehicle must be registered in the state of California at an address within SDG&E’s service area as of May 30, 2019.




Frequently Asked Questions

Residential customers, even if they don’t have an SDG&E account.

All-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are eligible.  


Each year, the amount varies based on the number of participants. It can range from $50-$200 per vehicle.

You’ll receive your credit within two billing cycles of when the program closes.  

The bill credit will continue to be applied to your bill until it’s used.  

The application process is divided into three phases: application window, review process and payment. We’ll send you updates throughout the process.


Yes, but you’ll need to submit an application for each vehicle.

Sorry, the credits are only for plug-in electric cars.