My Account Terms & Conditions


Online Account Management Usage Agreement 

You may use this online utility bill account access system (“My Account”) if you are a customer of San Diego Gas & Electric (“SDG&E”) or if you have been authorized by a customer, and have agreed to take part in My Account by properly registering a User ID and password consistent with these Terms and Conditions for My Account.  Use of My Account is furnished and subject to the Terms and Conditions of this Website and, if applicable, the Mobile Terms and Conditions, which are incorporated herein by this reference, as well as these Terms and Conditions, all of which shall apply in all respects related hereto (collectively, “My Account Terms and Conditions”). 


If you are the primary account holder, and want to allow another person or third-party to act as your representative or delegate in connection with My Account, you may grant access to a guest user or delegate to your My Account online profile and services such as viewing and managing your bills, payments, and service requests online.  

Online Account Management Service 

My Account allows you or your delegates (if applicable) to access online services specific to your SDG&E account(s) or accounts authorized to you as a guest user or delegate. Available services under the My Account umbrella include online billing and payment, as well as other account-related information and analysis tools (Some of such services are also available, in whole or in part, without the use of My Account). SDG&E may, in its sole discretion, add additional online services to My Account, in the future. 

SDG&E reserves the right to modify or discontinue any or all services or features of My Account at any time without notice, or to offer specific programs only to customers meeting applicable qualifications. Subject to satisfying the qualifications for a particular program, you may elect to use one or more of the features available without being obligated to use them all. 

Customer Requirements  

Specifically, by participating in My Account you have agreed that: You are subject to these My Account Terms and Conditions as long as you take part in My Account, including any of its online services. Moreover, by clicking the “I Agree” checkbox when registering for My Account, you are confirming that you accept these My Account Terms and Conditions (or any future modifications thereof) – as a pre-condition to your being granted access to My Account. When SDG&E determines you meet the above requirements, or the requirements stated after this for any following online utility service, you will receive an e-mail message from SDG&E confirming your registration in My Account. 

Password Guidelines 

The unique User ID and password (collectively, “Login Credentials”) selected by you to access My Account must be held on a confidential basis by you and not given to other people. Anyone with knowledge of your Login Credentials can gain access to My Account and all the services available within the account. If you have forgotten your Login Credentials, you can retrieve them online. You are responsible for maintaining your Login Credentials against improper disclosure. You are solely responsible for any claims, losses, damages, expenses and costs of any kind incurred by the use of your Login Credentials by others. SDG&E reserves the right to reset any Login Credentials. 

Transactional and Promotional Notifications from SDG&E 

By registering for My Account, you will receive bill ready and other transactional notifications, for which you cannot opt-out of. You will also be enrolled in promotional email notifications, which you may opt-out of at any time. These notifications will be sent to your indicated My Account email address on-file. Notifications may also be available by secondary email, text or voice. You may manage and/or update your preferences and contact information on the Notifications & Alerts page(s) and your contact information on your Profile.  

Contact Information and Banking Changes 

As a My Account user, it is your responsibility to ensure that the contact and other required information in your user profile is current and accurate, and any changes thereto are updated promptly. These changes include, but are not limited to, your name, address, phone number and email address. Changes can be made either within the My Account portal or by calling (800) 411-7343. 

In the event that your bank or financial account (“Bank Account”) information changes for any reason, you are obligated to promptly notify SDG&E by entering these changes within the secure Bank Accounts screens. If you have set up recurring payments to occur automatically according to a specified frequency, referred to as Auto Pay, these payments will continue to be processed against your current Bank Account(s) until your change notice has been received and processed by SDG&E. One-time payments you have initiated through My Account will also be processed against your current Bank Account(s). 

Your payment/autopay authorization will take effect once we have validated your bank account for the first use of that bank account number or for any subsequent change(s) to your bank account number. Until this validation is successfully completed, which could take up to 4 business days, your payment/autopay authorization will not be effective. Please ensure your payment is received by your due date.

Although SDG&E will not add charges for your participation in this online program, you are solely responsible for the accuracy of your current banking information and for payment of any charges added to your Bank Account by your bank or financial institution as a result of your participation in My Account.   

In addition, if your payment is ever rejected, SDG&E will pass through the charges assessed for such rejection, and will add a $7.00 returned payment fee on your next bill.  Your financial institution may impose other charges for which you will be liable. SDG&E also reserves the right to terminate your participation in My Account if your payment is rejected more than once within any consecutive 12-month period. 

Online Billing and Payment 

Online billing allows you to view bills for the SDG&E account(s) linked to My Account. Online payment allows you to pay your SDG&E bill(s) online. Text to Pay is a text-based service whereby SDG&E presents your full outstanding bill amount via a text message sent to the mobile number you have provided to us in My Account. Taking part in online payment requires you to both: 

(a) provide the current effective banking information for your designated Bank Account to SDG&E; and 

(b) make an online payment of your SDG&E bill(s) by deduction from your designated Bank Account(s).  

  • You will automatically receive an email notification when your SDG&E bill is issued. SDG&E will forward any late payment, collections or shut-off notices through U.S. Mail.  

  • Paperless billing can be established when starting service, registering for My Account or enrolling from your My Account profile.  

  • Bill payment will accept payment amounts of $1.00 or greater. 

  • Payments made Monday through Friday before 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time will post to your account the same day. Payments made after 7:00 p.m., or on weekends or holidays will post to your account on the evening of the next business day. (Business days are Monday through Friday, except for banking holidays.) To avoid late payment please ensure that your payment is made prior to 7:00 p.m. on the due date of the bill. 

  • In the event of any change to your email address or mobile number used for Text to Pay, you are obligated to promptly notify SDG&E by entering this change within the secure Profile section of My Account. You must provide SDG&E your current email address(es) to permit SDG&E to forward your bill ready notification to your email box and your current mobile number to permit SDG&E to forward your amount due to your mobile device by text.  

  • Except as may be necessary to facilitate and complete the agreed online bill payment from your designated financial institution, any information obtained by SDG&E in connection with your use of My Account services, will only be disclosed in accordance with SDG&E’s Privacy Policy. 

Pricing Plan Enrollment 

SDG&E will switch the selected meter to the indicated new pricing plan. Your new pricing plan may have different costs based on the time of day or season, and any existing bill protections would true-up or end at the time of this change. For specific details, please review the tariff. Additionally, your new plan may include Reduce Your Use days with Reduce Your Use alerts. 

In signing up for a new pricing plan, you acknowledge and understand that the price comparisons provided to you with this website’s online pricing tools and/or a Personalized Plan Comparison are projections based on historical usage and that actual benefits may change due to unknown circumstances, such as changes in future usage, equipment or local weather conditions. 

You further understand that the commitment period for this new pricing plan is one year from today. The new pricing plan will remain in effect until the end of the one-year commitment period. After that one-year period you can change to any other eligible plan by logging into My Account, calling our Customer Care Center or completing a paper enrollment form.  

If your pricing plan becomes unavailable in the future for any reason, you will be notified of your options in advance of any changes. 

Scheduling Appliance Service Requests 

You may place an online request to have an SDG&E service technician visit your home or business to check, or in some circumstances, repair, your gas appliance(s). Emergency requests cannot be taken online. During the day, an adult (18 years or older) should be on the premises for any scheduled visit, but you may make advance alternate arrangements to have the service technician access the appliance(s). After dark an adult must be at the premises, or the service technician will not enter. SDG&E assumes no liability in accessing your home or business, even if a key is left to provide access. 

Discontinue My Account Access 

You (and your delegate(s) if applicable) My Account profile(s) will be removed 60 days following the closure of the primary account holders SDG&E account. Upon removal, closed accounts can longer be accessed online, and My Account notifications will no longer be sent. To request information about closed accounts, please call us at (800) 411-7343. 

To withdraw from My Account or to discontinue receiving notifications and paying bills online, call us at (800) 411-7343 to have your My Account Profile removed.  Please note, if you are the primary account holder and wish to withdraw from My Account, your authorized delegates will not lose access unless specifically requested.  

Other Terms and Conditions 

  • Some of the data and analysis presented within the My Account website are based on estimates and projections and are for informational purposes only. For example, the hourly or daily gas or electric usage seen online could occasionally include estimated data or may be missing data because of temporary system availability or other technical issues.  Always consult an expert before making any decision to purchase or size energy efficiency or energy management equipment and systems. 

  • You are responsible for any Internet service fees that may be assessed by your telephone and/or Internet service provider. 

  • SDG&E reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to prevent any individual from accessing this web site in connection with My Account. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, SDG&E may suspend use of My Account for any User using any automatic device to retrieve, index, “scrape,” “data mine,” or otherwise gather My Account content, or reproduce or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of My Account, or where circumstances reasonably indicate that passwords may have been obtained by third parties or that unauthorized access may be occurring, such as the existence of excessive logins or attempted logins within a short period of time. 

  • My Account will be operated and used at all times subject to applicable laws, rules, regulations and decisions of federal and state governmental authorities having jurisdiction, as in effect from time to time, including without limitation the Public Utilities Commission of the State of California. 

  • Use of My Account, and any SDG&E service accessed, is at your sole risk. Although SDG&E has endeavored to create a secure and reliable service, the confidentiality or security of any communication transmitted or accessible over the Internet cannot be guaranteed. We do encrypt your financial account numbers on our systems and in transmission and comply with all applicable laws in handling such information. Accordingly, SDG&E and its parent and affiliates are not responsible for the security of any information transmitted or accessed using the Internet. Actual or attempted unauthorized use of this My Account service may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution. 

  • Capitalized terms used but not defined in these My Account Terms and Conditions shall have the definitions ascribed thereto in the Terms and Conditions of this Web site, and if applicable, the Mobile Terms and Conditions. 

SDG&E reserves the right to change these My Account Terms and Conditions at any time, effective immediately upon updating this web site.