Protecting Yourself Online


Passwords are your keys to protecting personal information you keep in My Account.

  • Always choose a strong password that is easy to remember and difficult to guess. Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters in your password

  • Consider using a passphrase since longer passwords are generally stronger than shorter ones and use a mnemonic to help remember it. 

Mnemonic: Gettysburg Address
(“Four score & seven years ago…”)


(16 characters)


4s&[email protected]

(19 characters)

Even better


(23 characters)


Phishing is a common way for scam artists to try to trick victims into giving personal information, such as bank accounts, social security numbers or other sensitive information. The most common forms of phishing attacks occur in email, but may also be initiated in phone calls or letters sent through the U.S. postal service.

Please note the following ways we are committed to helping you keep from falling victim to such tricks.

  • SDG&E will never contact you (via email, phone or otherwise) to ask for your My Account username or password. If you receive such a request for your My Account login information, do not share it.  Please notify us if this happens to you.

  • SDG&E will never send you email threatening to shut off your service if you do not provide personal information, such as your social security number, date of birth or other sensitive information.

  • If someone claiming to be an SDG&E representative contacts you asking for personal information and you are uncomfortable about providing it, feel free to end the conversation with them and contact us immediately using the contact information available on this website. Do not trust any contact information provided to you in a message you are suspicious of. Avoid clicking any links in suspicious emails.