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How We Secure Your Information

Maintaining the security of company computer systems that help us operate our electric and gas systems is a top priority in our overall effort to ensure safety, reliability, and customer privacy. We take security seriously and use every reasonable precaution to protect company information assets.
We know that good security does not happen in isolation. We are committed to working with our partners, vendors, regulators and customers in order to ensure our security controls meet or exceed industry standards by allowing us to continue to deliver energy safely and reliably.

Smart Grid Security

The United States Federal government has announced its intentions to upgrade the country’s aging energy infrastructure. The State of California has instructed its public utilities, including SDG&E,  to diversify their energy portfolio to include 33% renewables by the year 2020. Smart Grid will provide the infrastructure to make the electric grid more reliable and ready to take on renewable generation resources.

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Smart Meter Security

Smart meters help you make smart choices to save energy and money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Safeguarding customer and company information is a major consideration for SDG&E. There is always a potential risk, especially with new technology, that any system could be compromised. However, we are taking prudent actions to minimize this risk for our customers and our company, with due consideration for known and continually evolving threats.

For obvious reasons, we don’t discuss the specifics of our security efforts. However, we rigorously test critical systems for vulnerabilities before they are deployed to the field. We are committed to continually reviewing our security practices and tools. We work with a wide consortium of utilities and industry experts to identify potential system vulnerabilities and associated risk mitigation strategies. Such collaborative standards development has already has been used to improve the design of our solutions.

We are committed to protecting our operational infrastructure and cyber systems.
We take the security of our operational infrastructure and cyber systems very seriously. If you observe something unusual or suspicious, such as a potential threat to the company’s physical or cyber infrastructure, please do not hesitate to let us know. In case of an emergency to life or property, dial 911.

To report a threat, contact us.