Prepare for High Heat

Rising temperatures can result in higher energy bills. Here are steps you can take to manage your energy use and stay cool.

Beat the heat

Quick Energy-Saving Tips for Your Home

To save on your next bill, take simple steps that conserve energy in your home. For added savings, find an energy plan that matches your lifestyle and energy use. Log into My Account to review your available plan pricing options.

Standard Plan

Shift Your Use

When possible, run high energy use appliances, such as washers, dryers, dishwashers or pool pumps, before or after 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Pre Cool Home

Precool Your Home

Set your thermostat below your normal temperature setting during the early hours of the day. Then, health permitting, adjust your thermostat to 78° F or higher between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Standard Plan

Block the Heat

Cover windows to block the sun’s heat. If you can, open windows at night and in the early morning to let in cool air.

Power Down

Power Down

Switch off your electronic devices, such as computers and coffee pots, when not in use. Keep in mind, electronics in standby mode still draw power.

Flex Alert

CAISO Statewide Flex Alerts

Flex Alerts typically occur during heat waves and notify us of preventable rotating power outages.

Be prepared by signing up for alerts so you’ll know when to voluntarily conserve electricity.

Sign up for Flex Alert notifications

Quick Energy-Saving Tips for Your Business

Take simple steps to save money and energy on your next bill. For added savings, log into My Account to review the details of your business pricing plan. If your business is on a Time-of-Use pricing plan with Reduce Your Use or Critical Peak Pricing Event Days, know your plan’s on-peak and event-day hours so that you can plan and prepare to shift energy use at your business.

Precool Your Workspace

Precool your workspace and work areas in the early morning or afternoon. Then, health permitting, set thermostats to 78° F or higher or cycle air conditioning and ventilation.

Power Down

Turn off unnecessary lighting in less frequently used areas such as breakrooms, hallways or bathrooms. Power down any unused electronics and ornamental or display lighting.

Charge During Off-Peak Hours

Charge battery-powered equipment, such as laptops or cell phones, before 4 p.m. or after 9 p.m.

Shift Energy Use

Run ice machines at night and into the early afternoon to build up a large supply.

Resources to Stay Cool and Save Money

Cool Off at a Cool Zone

Visit a Cool Zone to escape the midday summer heat and reduce your air conditioning usage.

Demand Response

Sign up for our Smart Thermostat Program and receive $50 back for up to two thermostats.

Safety Tips to Beat the Heat

Slow Down

If possible, avoid high-energy activities or working outdoors, especially during the midday heat.

Loosen Up

Wear clothing that is  airy, loose-fitting and light-colored,  plus a hat that is made of breathable material.

Drink Water

Avoid drinks that dehydrate you, such as alcohol, sugary soda, coffee, energy drinks or other caffeinated beverages.

Eat Often

Eat small meals more often. Also, eat food with nutrients and higher water content, such as fruits and vegetables.

More Heat Safety Tips

Heat Watch

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Review heat safety tips from the National Weather Service.


When someone is suffering from dehydration or heat stroke, you must act quickly!

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Don't forget about your pets! Protect animals from the summer heat.

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