Generator Program

Save up to $450 on a generator

Generator Assistance

Generator Assistance Program 

Preparing for wildfire season has become the new normal during this time of year, and we prioritize efforts to keep the region safe. One of our preventative, last-resort measures to help protect against wildfires are Public Safety Power Shutoff events, and we want you to be prepared. To help keep your family ready for a power shutoff, SDG&E is offering rebates on generators purchased online from Lowe’s and Home Depot.

  • A reliable generator will keep you prepared for any power outages
  • Save up to $450 on qualified models
  • Rebates are available on generators from multiple name-brand manufacturers
  • This offer is available only through an online instant rebate coupon

Rebate Qualifications

Below are the eligibility requirements for this offer:

  • You must have an SDG&E account
  • You must reside in a high-fire threat area and have previously experienced a Public Safety Power Shutoff in 2019 to qualify for a $300 rebate
  • CARE customers who meet the criteria above are also eligible for an additional $150 rebate

Redeem Rebate

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Participating Retailers and Eligible Models
Participating Retailers and Eligible Models

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers about these rebates. 

SDG&E is offering incentives on certain generators to select customers who live in high-level fire risk areas of San Diego county. See above to learn all about the program.

This offer from SDG&E is only available by using instant rebate coupons provided after your account is validated and confirmed as eligible. Please click on the "Redeem Rebate" button above to confirm if you qualify and to learn about the generators and the incentives.

SDG&E has identified certain customers who reside in high-level fire risk areas. To find out if you qualify, please click on the "Redeem Rebate" button above.

There are several different generators available for this rebate. Please see listing in the "Participating Retailers and Eligible Models" section above.

SDG&E offers different incentives depending upon the generator you purchase. Please see content above or click on the "Redeem Rebate" button above to see all the qualifying generators and discounts.