Energy Conservation Activations

This is the activation status page for SDG&E programs and pricing plans that call for energy use reductions from both Residential and Business customers.

For customers who are on an event-based pricing plan, please refer to Time of  Use Plus and Critical Peak Pricing Plans.

For customers who have signed up for an incentive program please refer to Incentive Programs.

Time of Use Plus and Critical Peak Pricing Plans

Pricing plans that allow you to receive a lower rate most of the year, but on activated days, prices are higher (up to four times more). Conserve energy during activated hours to avoid paying the higher charge.

There are no Time of Use Plus and Critical Peak Pricing Plan event hours activated at this time.

Incentive Programs

Programs that you can sign up for that reward you for reducing your energy use. Please see individual program web page for participation guidelines.

There are no Incentive Programs activated at this time.