Direct Access

Storm Safety

Updated February 28, 2024

Direct Access (DA) service is retail electric service where customers purchase electricity from a competitive provider called an Electric Service Provider (ESP), rather than from a regulated electric utility. An Electric Service Provider (ESP) is a non-utility entity that offers electric service to customers within the service territory of an electric utility.  Participating in DA allows electric customers to shop and compare electric commodity rates and services provided by electric Energy Service Providers (ESPs).  Customers that have elected DA Service will continue to receive safe and reliable electricity transmission and distribution services from SDG&E.

Although ESPs’ rates are not regulated by the CPUC, they must meet certain CPUC approval requirements.  The California Public Utilities Commission provides a list of the electric Energy Service Providers (ESPs) that have met the CPUC registration requirement.

SDG&E’s DA Load Allowance is 3,942 GWh.