Operate Your Building More Efficiently

Just a few small changes can help you improve your heating, lighting, and cooling efficiency—so you’re saving time, energy, and money!

Cooling Tower Ozonation

Cooling towers pull heat out of commercial buildings, but cleaning the cooling tower equipment typically requires an expensive routine of chlorine, chemicals, and system flushing. With an ozone generator, the cooling towers operate at higher efficiency with no harsh chemicals to dispose of—the only by-products are oxygen and water.

Geoexchange Systems

Geoexchange heating and cooling systems (also known as ground source heat pumps or geothermal heat pumps) use the constant temperature of the earth to provide optimal heating and cooling efficiency. In fact, in a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency study, geoexchange systems provided the lowest operating costs and best environmental performance, even when compared to advanced fossil fuel systems. Studies have shown that geoexchange systems can save commercial facilities from 30–70% on their heating bills, and from 20–50% on their cooling bills, compared to standard systems.

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