Small Commercial Program

If you’re a small or medium business and an SDG&E customer, you may qualify for customized business solutions that can help you reduce your energy costs and save money.

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Small Business

Energy Saving Upgrades



Time to shine? Time to save. Your business’s lighting can affect mood, productivity – and your bottom line. Upgrade to energy-efficient LEDs.



Cool off those high energy costs. Keep your equipment running efficiently while increasing your profitability.



Updates to your refrigeration equipment help to reduce your operating expenses, increase profitability, and improve efficiency.

Food Service

Food Service

Reliable food service equipment is key to keep your business running. Upgrading provides you with efficient equipment while helping you save energy.

Hot Water

Hot Water

Saving is as simple as turning on the tap. Available energy-efficient upgrades for your hot water system can mean big savings for your facility.

And More

And More!

Our team helps to find the best -energy-efficient solutions for your business. See how we can help your business save.

DIY Lighting Upgrades

For a limited time, SDG&E will provide you with energy-saving led screw-in lamps and tubes that you can easily install yourself.

  • Lower Energy Usage
  • Reduce Maintenance
  • Fits Existing Fixtures

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Eligibility and Enrollment

SDG&E’s Small Commercial Program makes it easy to upgrade your business with energy-efficient equipment.

We’re looking for small or medium commercial customers who:

  • Have an active electric or natural gas SDG&E account 
  • Have a total peak demand of 20 kW or less 
  • Other qualifications may apply, speak to your local representative to identify if your business is eligible

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Financing for Upgrades

You may qualify for financing to make upgrades that lower your energy costs without paying anything more.

On-Bill Financing (OBF)

OBF offers eligible non-residential utility customers a zero-percent interest, unsecured loan for qualifying energy-efficient business improvements.

Statewide GoGreenFinancing

Qualifying business and nonprofit customers can combine rebates and incentives with attractive financing through the state-administered program. Learn more at

Please contact a Willdan representative to help navigate which financing program is most suitable for you. 



Willdan is the third-party implementer and energy efficiency service provider. They will work with you to provide personalized energy-saving recommendations to make your business more energy efficient and improve your bottom line.

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