Save More, Earn More with SDG&E's
Energy Efficiency Business Incentives (EEBI)


Business Incentives

We are no longer accepting applications for the EEBI program. For commercial customers, there are two new energy efficiency programs available now. Please refer to the Small Commercial program or the Large Commercial Comprehensive Energy Management Systems program.

Current EEBI Projects

  1. Upon installation, submit your completed W-9, Installation Report and invoices consistent with the Invoice Template and Invoice Guidelines.  We'll review the invoices and Installation Report, submit the project for review to the CPUC staff, and conduct a post-inspection. 
  2. We'll review and adjust savings and incentives, if necessary, and will issue payment to the designated payee after receiving clearance from the CPUC staff. NOTE: This process is different for Measurement and Verification Projects. Measurement and Verification Projects are typically issued the final incentive after completing an agreed-upon post-monitoring period. At the conclusion of the post-monitoring period, you or your project sponsors must submit an Operating Report to initiate the final payment. 

Release of Information Policy

If the CPUC requests review of your project, SDG&E will provide the CPUC with all of the information requested without further notification to you. If you refuse to allow the CPUC, its staff or its contractors and/or consultants to have access to your data, you will not be allowed to participate, and you will be ineligible to receive any program incentives. Please note that if you designated a project sponsor, a similar notification has been forwarded to them as well. In the event your project is selected for review, SDG&E will mark your data as confidential before submitting your files to the CPUC in accordance with California Public Utilities Code Section 583 and CPUC General Order 66-C.


Contact our Energy Savings Center at 1-800-644-6133 or email [email protected].