AC Saver (Summer Saver) Program

With SDG&E’s AC Saver Program, businesses had the opportunity to energy and earn money by installing an AC Saver device on your air conditioning unit. Using less energy helps ensure public safety and stabilizes the grid.

AC Summer Saver

The AC Saver Day Of program is now closed. 

On December 20, 2023, after a thorough review, the California Public Utilities Commission approved SDG&E’s request to discontinue the AC Saver Day Of program.

How It Works

AC Saver was a voluntary demand response program available to business customers with air conditioner (AC) units installed at their premise with SDG&E approved technology capable of curtailing the customers’ AC unit. After signing up for the AC Saver program, SDG&E would install a device on customer central air conditioning units at no cost. On select hot days, when conservation was needed, the installed device was activated to cycle  central air conditioners "on and off" for a period of two to four hours.

The program ran during the months of  April through October and activations could be called every day of the week, but only up to 25 events annually could be called with five events being reserved for emergency use only.